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Uncertainty Weathervane

The Uncertainty Weathervane  

Getting Upstream from Change, Disruption, Turbulence, Grey Swans and Black Swans

In conjunction with our book "Uncertainty ; Making Sense of the World for Better, Bolder Outcomes", Cygnus Publishing, Weathervanes Research & Intelligence and the Grey Swan Guild is fielding an in-depth research study in 2023 to go deeper on broad-reaching perspectives about our current and future state of never normal, permacrisis, societal instability and professional insecurity.  All topline results and analysis will be shared with respondents at the completion of study..

Attached is a PDF of what our book is about:


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All answers are confidential (unless requested separately at a future date). 


Uncertainty - Big Questions Remain

Sure we wrote a full playbook on the topic but the odyssey doesn't stop there. We are scrip[ting  the most authoritative research and intelligence on the subject too, as a companion to our perspectives, methods and solutions. Join us as we navigate this superCAFFEINATED world and chime in with your opinions. You may be invited to join us for an at-length interview or podcast discussion.

Uncertainty - The Movement, not Just a Book

Too many authors finish their book's contents and before you know it, they have already skated town before realizing the true fruits of ideas intersecting with their audiences. We've taken a longer view. Beyond this Uncertainty Weathervane, We have provided twenty ways for our audiences to participate in our Uncertainty movement post-book launch. Become part of Navigators of Uncertainty and let's assemble!  

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Uncertainty - The Book

Quotes & Outtakes

"We collectively take the view that uncertainty is an endemic part of the human experience as much responsible for our progress as it is for our unease." 

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