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Strategy Sprints - Where are we headed?

Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction.

Strategy Sprints Mission:  To help develop, validate and steer company direction and implementation.

Formats:  Purpose & Visioning, Objectives & Goal Setting, Strategic Decisions & Options, Impact, Measures and Initiatives, Priority Mapping & Business Case Analysis

Defined: Strategic planning is typically an annual or episodic function of companies, we can bring the best, battle-tested management minds to provide blueprints, range of options, portfolios, validation and implementation paths to your future one, three, five and ten year directions without the long meetings and drawn out planning.. Cygnus can also operate as an independent auditor and expert evaluator of your strategies, portfolio and key initiatives objectively breaking the tensions and turf warts between functions.  

The Cygnus Difference: 

  • Simplify & Focus - get the essential musts of building or shifting new directions without corporate speak

  • External Credibility - seasoned real world experience to push through assessment & alignment barriers 

  • Cross Industry Dynamics & Risks  - provides strong sounding board for conditions outside your four walls 

  • Delivery & Deployment  - not only help define cascading vision, strategy and choices but roll out as well

  • Functionally Unbiased - wide backgrounds of our principals don't cause us to take sides and allows us top operate as neutrals in teasing out internal debates and conflicts


Options:  Combine with an audit from our Intro Sprint engagements, tack on a Transformation Sprint to get past cultural and process barriers to strategic change

Driving "Strategy Sprint" Insight:: 

“You cannot be everything to everyone. If you decide to go north, you cannot go south at the same time."

Our Cygnus Thought Leaders Command the Top Aspects of Strategy Management:

  • Strategy Planning - periodic review & casting ahead for a full organization, division, geography or function  

  • Strategy Communication - engaging and enrolling other through narrative, content and engagement

  • Portfolio & Initiative Management - maximizing and balancing a roster of operations and initiatives

  • Strategy Auditing, Scorecarding & Dashboarding - measuring the right things well, clearly & frequently 

  • Visioning & Alignment - casting aside silos and having all teams believe and row in the same direction

  • Share Best Practices & Successes - identifying and spotlighting what's helping win in your company

Frequently, planners and outside support are biased and unidimensional in their focus (we go beyond narrow orientations), CEOs need even strategic balance and consideration between (ranked factors):

#1. Technology

#2. Regulatory

#3 Marketplace

#4. Macro-Ecooomics

#5. People & Talent 

#6. Globalizaation

#7  Environmental

#8 Socio-economics

#9 Geopolitics

Plus 16 Other core factors

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 3.08.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 12.52_edited.png


Cygnus Sprints is your leading on-demand management consulting, strategic advisory and change navigation group designed for your complex and sped-up world.

Faster. Better. On-Demand. 

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Find your fuel, velocity and direction with Cygnus Strategy Sprints

Executive team not in the same boat? New leadership team in place? Key merger or acquisition? Major events or crisis causing second takes on strategic intent? Annual review and planning? Energy in your company hallways lagging? Financial performance in a slump? Boards looking for an independent strategy review?

Thanks for submitting you enquiry to Cygnus Sprints! Someone will get back to you shortly.
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