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The Grey Swan Guild publishes reports, points of view and research that help sensemake the world. 

Leadership is not a position.

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Leadership is a mindset, a set of beliefs, a repertoire of behaviors and a day-to-day series of actions. In essence, we all can be leaders.

In this report we share the essays and POVs written by 20+ contributors on the topic of Leadership, global insights, research, and actionable conclusions. Whether you are a recent graduate, savvy entrepreneur, public servant or seasoned executive, we trust you will learn something about how a new leadership mantra is helping companies, teams and people help each other navigate the new normal.

The path ahead is better than the one behind.

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We believe the path ahead is better than the one behind, and that we can get ahead of our shared future by combining our information and inspirations. This curation of views (written between April 8 - June 2, 2020), supported by evolving evidence and ongoing research, inspires new avenues of thinking and creativity, and explores unique possibilities in business, education, policy and governance. 

Along with more than 60 contributions, this report offers a comprehensive look at four modalities of human experience: Live, Love, Learn, and Lead. We chose these four emergent themes as a way to begin to make sense of the wide range of perspectives offered here and to apply the insights arising from them. In and of themselves, they offer a new way to view the current global circumstances. We consider this approach a feeling lens with four facets.

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