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Diversity Principles


Updated: January 2021

1.    Grey Swan Guild values difference and diversity and believes diversity makes for better and smarter decisions and is vital to enlightened, progressive problem-solving.


  • We seek diverse thoughts and ideas

  • We are a welcoming group that is evolving and learning

  • We seek to find unity, common humanity, and points of connection 

2.    In order to be a truly global organization representing global perspectives, we actively promote and seek representation from diverse geographies, economic strata, orientations, psychographic groups,  and cultures.


  • We want a global representation

  • We have measurable targets

  • We know diversity and inclusion are ongoing processes and we may make mistakes, but we are open to embracing change

3.     We believe in access to ideas and to the processes that bring ideas to fruition. Age, race, gender, language, class, education, location, and physical and developmental ability will not be barriers to participation in the Grey Swan Guild.

  • We recognize ourselves as human first, seeing past labels

  • We are breaking barriers, walls and stereotypes by challenging the norm

  • We have room to grow

  • We provide a safe place and a safe haven for diversity

4.     The Grey Swan Guild's commitment to diversity is demonstrated and expressed through explicit and implicit organizational processes and policies including those related to content intake and publication.


  • We take action to promote diversity and inclusion and our teams and subgroups are committed to developing and sustaining diversity and inclusion principles, policies and procedures.

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