DAY OF THE SWAN – 24 Hours of Sensemaking

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GLOBAL—Grey Swan Guild, a global Sensemaking collective of more than 1,000 Members from over 65 countries, is now welcoming future Members to participate in its Day of the Swan experience, the community’s event series to mark its first anniversary. Grey Swan Guild’s series of hourly events showcase the diversity of its Membership, subjects and formats emerging through its inclusive experimentation around continuous Sensemaking collaborations, publications, productions, and progress toward change through challenges.

Emergent Leadership Perspectives in the Wake of a Pandemic

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GLOBAL— As countries, organizations and leaders reimagine new ways of working after the pandemic, the Grey Swan Guild launches our second publication Emergent Leadership Perspectives in the Wake of a Pandemic. The report is available here today and will also be profiled in our upcoming podcast network and livestream channels.

The World Welcomes the Grey Swan Guild

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GLOBAL—Today, the Grey Swan Guild launches globally as an action-based thinktank that sensemakes society's biggest challenges. Our first publication Emergent Global Perspectives in the Wake of a Pandemic also launches today and is available at


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