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Chapter 1 - Leadership & Uncertainty

Today, we are at an inflection point, which will transform how we live and work in ways we haven’t yet begun to realize. The next ten years will herald more change across the sciences, technology, the environment and society than we’ve experienced in the last hundred, which will require us to evolve and transform ourselves and our organizations more fluidly and coherently than ever before. 

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Leadership & Uncertainty - Components:

  • Introduction    

  • The Anticipatory Attitude Framework: Overcoming Your Allergic Response to Uncertainty (Graham Norris)

  • Future-Focused Leadership: Vital Lenses for 21st-Century Leaders (Louise Mowbray)

  • Cultivating Complexity Fit Leadership  (Sonja Blignault)

  • Sensemaking Competency for Leaders:  What’s your sensemaking quotient?  (Gordon Withrow)

  • Showing Creativity in Leadership:  Change your mind  (Dennis Sherwood)   

  • Guild Leadership:  Mixing individual power with group vision for certainty alchemy  (Deb Dimoff)

  • Chapter Conclusion   

Five Highlights from Leadership and Uncertainty:

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In unpredictable times, the more we focus on building our leadership resourcefulness, the more we can lead ourselves and our people to new ways of succeeding.

We toured through new leadership competencies, sense-making and building leadership fitness muscle, mindsets to help you take on new opportunities, choosing the best-fit lenses for the situation, taking a diverse and open-minded view to possibilities, and even a taste of different forms of group leadership like guild leadership.

This buffet of practical strategies and inspirations will help build leadership muscle.  Equippng ourselves with the strategies to amp up our capabilities to get the results we want, while inspiring our people to reach for their highest and best goalposts. 

Leadership and Uncertainty - Cygnus Publishing

Leadership & Uncertainty Inspiration and Call to Actions:

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things; leadership in uncertainty is creating the right space and conditions for the best things to emerge.”

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