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Guild Types of Events & Experiences

Types of Events .Grey Swan Guild

Ateliers - Monthly Deep Dives

Themed workshops with experts and apprentices.

(10x Annually)

Craft-Building Series

Craft-Building Series - Perpetually Learn, Relearn and Unlearn

From A-to-Z, investing in building our craft together.

(40+ times annually)

Cygnus Ventures Special Events

Cygnus Ventures - Special Events to Support Special Ventures

Ventures of amazing societal, educational and commercial value pop up with interesting new experiences.

GSG News Wraps

GSG News Wraps - Weekly sumamries of the week that was

Making Sense of the Week That Was - The Great, The Good, The Grey, The Bad, The Ugly and The Tapestry on Themes that Matter.

Typically Sunday discussions.

(40x Annually)

General Assemblies

General Assemblies - All Members, All Contrriboir events

We were formed by members and for members.

(2X annually)

Marquee Events

Marquee Events - The Guild's Big Multi-Hour Events

Massive Explorations & Experiences that are core to the Guild.

The Day of The Swan, 1,000 Day Radar, GSG Book Festival, Camp Play

(4x Annually)

Premiere Events

Premieres - Fresh Intelligence for Big Minds

A Launch Pad for our newest primary and secondary research

Results from our Weathervanes and Radar Collections.

(8x annually)


Regattas - Monthly New Member Meetups

One of our favourite events of all the new energy coming into the Guild

Usually last Wednesday each month
(12x Annually)

Salon Conversations

Salon Conversations - Thought Provoking, Intelligent Conversatiuons

Processing what just happened or just shifted, and what it means to us collectively.

(4x Annually)

Town Halls

Town Halls - Monthly Feature City Forums

Every month, the Guild hosts truly great world cities and their most passionate, brightest minds.

Typically last Wednesday of every month.

(12x Annually)

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