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Chapter 4 -  Scanning & Uncertainty

Looking into the future is like looking at a far-away horizon–some shapes and movement can be seen, but it’s not always possible to know what those shapes are nor what the movement means. This is the inherent problem with looking into the future without the proper thinking and scanning tools. In an uncertain world, the future frequently arrives too fast ... and often in the wrong order. Our current professional worlds are underinvested in the future. We need to provide them a playbook to chart for better, more confident courses. 

Scanning Chapter Futures Uncertainty book Cygnus Publishing

Five Highlights from Scanning and Uncertainty:

Scanning & Uncertainty - Components:

  • Chapter Introduction    

  • Why the C-Suite Needs Design Fiction (Gina Clifford)

  • Beyond Scenarios: The limits of uncertainty and vectors of imagination of a blurred world  (David Kalisz)

  • Creative Systems Theory’s Concept of Cultural Maturity (Charles Johnston) A Safari Systems Map for Engaging with Africa’s Youth Bulge: A Trauma-Informed Futures Approach to Reconciling the Past, Reengaging the Present, and Reimaging the Future for Marginalized Youth  (Stephen Lichty)

  • Chapter Conclusion

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Our Scanning chpater helps orient the mind with foresight and futures thinking tools, so that it’s possible to identify the shapes and the movement seen far out in the horizon. 

Some of what we cover off in our book Uncertainty is to act on less then 100% sureness, our Scanning chapter gets you prepared in such a way that opens the door to facing uncertainty

Looking at the horizon and understanding what is before us helps identify opportunities to drive towards. It’s those opportunities that allow organizations and professionals to evolve and stay relevant.


Many of our C-Suite leaders and executive teams are great at wrestling to the ground the current, the knowable, the solvable and extractable, but avoid peering into the future with trepidation that they may be less than certain and wrong. In avoiding looking at the future, they end up missing it.

Scanning futures Uncertainty Cygnus Publishing

Scanning & Uncertainty Inspiration and Call to Actions:

“Once you have glimpsed the world as it might be, it is impossible to live anymore complacent in the world as it is. Investing in scanning allows us to meet that future withe greater confidence, clarity, speed and alignment.” 

Get immersed in scanning and futures uncertainty. Let us know what you think.

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