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Chapter 2 - TechnologyUncertainty

Technology is ubiquitous in our world and a relentless driver of change. We use devices and systems that were recently the stuff of science fiction, and industries promise even more world-changing tools and capabilities. In an era of relentless, accelerating change, technology is an essential tool for dealing with uncertainty and complexity. It’s also a major cause of uncertainty and complexity.

Technology & Uncertainoityu - Chapter 2 Uncertainity

Technology & Uncertainty - Components:

  • Introduction    

  • Start with HOW: Using the Technology Innovation Circle to Reduce Digital Uncertainty  (Farid Mheir)

  • Digital Transformation’s 2 Key Levers: Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence (Gordon Withrow)

  • Social Architecture for the Hyperconnected World  (Kheeran Dharmawardena)

  • Chapter Conclusion 

Five Highlights from Technology and Uncertainty:

Technology & Uncertainity
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We focused on computer and information technologies in this chapter because of their universal impact on organizations and response to uncertainty, but it’s important to remember that technological change reaches far beyond these fields.

Whenever human ingenuity leads to tools and processes, that is technology, and it has the potential to change the world again and again.

 Technology can act as an uncertainity paradox, both as a powerful enabler, as well as a source of new uncertainties and complexities. When delaing with innovation, tech invariably creates knock-on effects that introduce new sources of complexity.


Early adopters and enthusiasts have a tendency to overstate the nearness and significance of their favored technologies. A more reasoned approach will serve you better than a headlong rush into the latest fashionable technology.

Technology & Uncertainity

Technology & Uncertainty Inspiration and Call to Actions:

Technology is founded on the pillars of uncertainty. Every time we invent or configure something novel, surprising or useful, the awe and newfound capacity comes with the realization that we were slow, incorrect or underwhelming beforehand.”

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