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Discovery Sprints - What If We...

The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. 

Discovery Sprints Mission:  To build out scenarios and backcast to action, surfacing outlooks and unlocking breakthroughs.

Formats:  Scenario Planning, Opportunity Assessment, Rapid Exploratory, Lead or Edge User Co-Creation, Open Crowd Challenges

Defined: Tapping into deep wells of strategic foresight, futures thinking, open collaboration and experimental research, Discovery Sprints open the curtain to a better future, incorporating workshop facilitation, rapid exploratory participation & development and open forums to capture and catalyze imaginations. The intent of these sprints are to unearth strategic issues of importance to the firm, derive relevant future scenarios of possibility and create new prototype-able solutions to the various uncertainties presented.

The Cygnus Difference: 

  • Speed & Urgency - researchers can sometimes take months to just get sensors in field, we do it in three months or less

  • Platforms - access to platforms where we can host research, collaborative development & open challenges

  • The Lead 10% - when you want to see new possibility,  it helps to tap the opinion of pioneers and early adopters ahead of the curve 

  • Doubles, Triples and Home Runs - able to look at different ambitions, scopes and time spans of change

  • Implications w/ Evidence - combines the strength of actions, loosened constraints and supporting plausibility

Options:  Add as a follow up to Strategy & Innovation Sprints, create reputation-driving, content marketing from conclusions

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Cygnus Sprints is your leading on-demand management consulting, strategic advisory and change navigation group designed for your complex and sped-up world.

Faster. Better. On-Demand. 

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Get your Marco Polo, Shakleton and Lewis & Clark in motion,  set your compass to a Cygnus Discovery Sprint

A perplexing challenge? A tough to solve for problem? A need for partnered help? An objective viewpoint needed? A quick gutcheck required? A need to consider the range of options ahead of us? A stress test required?   

Thanks for submitting you enquiry to Cygnus Sprints! Someone will get back to you shortly.
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