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Why We're Better....

Cygnus Sprints > Big-Box Management Consultancies

Clayton Christensen would have called what Cygnus Sprints is doing disruptive innovation, coming into a multi-billion dollar marketplace and providing new value networks, appealing new market spaces and preferred benefits versus multi-billion dollar incumbents.  Cygnus Sprints combines an appealing  new business model significantly different from the established partner-driven consultancies with  a special group of experienced people. 

For our clients, we believe this combination represents superior strength vs. the majority of the global consulting options on seven sought-after client benefits: 

speed, depth of experience, multi-disciplinary collaboration, price/value, client-centricity, excellence without the ego and purpose-driven ethics.  That's a big statement to make, here's how we back it up... 


Cygnus Sprints
= 2x+ The Speed

By the very nature of our name, Cygnus Sprints emphasizes performance at the pace of tomorrow's business. Many strategic consultancies take three-to-six months to execute strategic consulting projects,  we will perform these in half the time (never mind less time sharpening pencils on contracts, MOUs and change requests).


We do this through:

-  agile high performing teams tailored to projects

- quick scoping questions at  5-7 project interval steps

- three month limits on engagements to ensure urgency and rapid delivery

Cygnus Sprints = 5x+ Depth of Experience

When confronted by complex, ambiguous, accelerated and disrupted environments, experience matters. To be able to draw on years or related experience and find the new anomaly or pattern is challenging for the best of us, but near impossible for university graduates or post-graduates, even Ivy League ones.


The average experience of a consultant  (measured in relevant hours worked) on big consultancy work) is less than 4 years, Cygnus Sprints has more than 5x that level of "lived" professional experience amongst its principals, in a much broader variety of roles verticals and environments as well.,  Experience drives quick comprehension, resilience, flexibility, speed and value you can't bake in a classroom. Experience you can take to the bank.


Cygnus Sprints = 2X+ Breadth of Experience:

Cygnus Sprints has galvanized a select group of Principals and Advisors that have twice the range of disciplines, knowledge and experience than average consktants they can bring to bear on a project.

Our Cygnus Sprint teams (called wedges) can provide twice the readily available competencies (soft skills) across the thinking, planning, acting and changing aspect of their work. And they are pre-wired for collaboration in small working groups.


From time to time, the Cygnus Sprints' operating teams can also draw upon  50+ key sub-disciplines (hard skills) from the membership of our 5,000 member Guild - the only consultancy to have been birthed out of an open collective of accomplished and senior Guild talent. 

Cygnus Sprints = 3X+ the Value 

A typical large consultancy engagement team costs $750k-$1MM per month, so with even an accelerated project you might be looking at a $2-3 million engagement (with a principal partner that might allocate only 1/5th to an 1/8th of their time to the effort). That is some major sticker shock that might simply turn out to be a keynote presentation.

Cygnus Sprints is nowhere close to that number and you are not compromising on quality. Given our on-demand business model approach,, our emphasis on sprinting, and significantly less overhead-driven and non-partner top heavy approach,, you are paying for what you need, not what we can bill you, We are.safely triple the value of other major consultancies but in some cases much more.



Grey Swan Guild = 
4X+ Customer Concentricity:

"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb in his skin and walk around in it.” Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Our Cygnus Sprint Principals and Advisors are uniquely able to walk a mile in your shoes, because we have been in your shoes before (or at least very similar ones). .


We are 4x+ more likelier to have run a business, venture or large division than staff operating inside big consultancies. We have dealt with the issues of trying to make payroll, dealing with corporate reputation, presenting to boards, changing cultures and a host of other multifunctional matters. It's not the same studying them from a distance, Consulting & advisory is an experiential learning environment where subtlety, complexity and competing agendas matter, not magic formuale. It makes us much more likely to empathize with the challenges of our clients.

Cygnus Sprints = Excellence without the Ego

We recently asked a panel of business professionals why they might hate working with traditional consultants, surprisingly 46% of them stated their level of arrogance defined the relationship. 

Ego and arrogance is a tax on any kind of relationship, particularly a trusted business partnership. Some suggest ego and hubris wades in, when there is a dearth of knowledge and comfort in your own skin,


We didn't try to quantify our humble difference vs. the flex appeal of management consultancies. Our frowning on bluster is written into the desired tone of our Cygnus Sprint engagements and we have handpicked Principals and Advisors who can effectively leave their ego at the door for the greater client need.  Oh we're good, we would just rather show it than talk about it. We think you'll notice our difference from Day One.. Craft > Conceit. Excellence > Ego.. Performance > Pretension.


Cygnus Sprints = Purpose-Driven & Ethics

Consultancies originated as trusted advisors to CEOs, but as we have seen over the last few years, challenges happen when the interests of the consultancy bump up against the interests of the company, and increasingly. the interests of society. There have been a lot of hiccups lately.


Given all the PR headlines and legal actions we have seen about and Glassdoor reviews describing what happens on the inside. of large consultancies, they are among the least well-positioned to weigh in on the growing ethical and existential challenges of today and tomorrow.

Make no mistake, at Cygnus Sprints, the interests of our clients, are the same as ours and our the same as societies. And if they aren't, we'll exit stage right real fast. Founded from a Guild determined to understanding and getting to the other side of the world's biggest challenges and next Grey Swans, comes a consulting and advisory group willing to do something about those same concerns.

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