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The Full Story

Grey Swan Manifesto, Origins & DNA

What started as a germ of an idea, turned into a dream and now has blossomed into a global movement. Join us on the odyssey.

man·​i·​fes·​to | \ ˌma-nə-ˈfe-(ˌ)stō  \
Definition:  a written, sometimes visual, statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer.

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Grey Swan Guild,
Our Origin Story:

Born our of a generation-defining global pandemic, built by passion & sweat equity, and shaped by our purpose of exploring, understanding and shaping a better world. The road to the future extends out in front of us, where should it lead?

The Guild Passion:

Making sense of the chaotic, complicated, complex and unclear, acting on the known, knowable and semi-known .... together.  That's what our Guild loves.

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Grey Swan Guild
Six Houses, One Roof:

Conventional strategic and startup thinking says focus on one thing and extend out from there. How terribly confining. Forget the commonplace, we are a synthesis of six exciting elements fused into one distinctive alloy:

We are a clubhouse of experiences.

We are a lighthouse of craft-building.

We are a hothouse of intelligence.

We are a powerhouse of talent.

We are a mediahouse of content.

We are a wheelhouse of ventures.

Virtuosos, Journeypeople & Apprentices in Change, Intelligence, Sensemaking & The Future:

No matter where you are on the guild expertise scale,we are  ....  about challenging ourselves to getting better, becoming smarter, going wider and improving ourselves, . 

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Grey Swan Guild,
The Fifth Place:

Very few of us spend more than 20 hours per month on Guild activities. We are all free agents. of intelligence and talent  Like many real life and online communities, we have an inner core, outer core and everyone else. No matter how close to the center, the Guild can be this exciting place where you can spend some distinctive time with passionate people outside of your work, family & friends, local community and industry - a FIFTH PLACE. 

Grey Swan Guild,
Our Five Lenses:

The Guild sees our voyage of discovery through the prism of five lenses:

How do we LEAD better into the future?

How do we LEARN deeper about the world?

How do we experience LIMINAL (change) states?

How do we LIVE fuller lives?

How do we LOVE with more purpose & direction?

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An Infinite Amount of Motivations:

People are more than happy to share with us their motivations for joining our Guild at our Town Halls, Regatta Onboardings and Member General Assemblies.  Chief among them?  The #1 reason played back to us is that members are excited to drive positive change and engagement of a thought leader and change agent community. Read other reasons in the adjoining visual and consider joining us

Grey Swan Guild,
The Global Thinktank AND Do-Tank:

Thinking up great new ideas and concepts have value unto themselves, but being able to map & plan out direction, change & influence thought and perform & execute ventures of lasting value is the holy grail.

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