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Cygnus Ventures

Explain Today, Imagine Tomorrow

An advance group of twenty-five Guild members set out on a mission to turn this amazing global network of Guild talent into an institution and set of ventures that could drive ongoing commercial, educational and societal value. After three rounds of validations, five months of effort and a list of 50+ candidate ideas, here are the leading twelve ventures below that we landed on..

Although quite different in orientation and audience, each venture is driven by: creation of meaningful impact, innovation vs. traditional approaches, co-creative & collaborative brilliance and breakthrough craft-building in the spirit of a post-modern Guild.

Beyond our Guild values, we want to approach these efforts with member empowerment, meritocracy, simplicity, and "think, plan, act, change" orientation in mind. Audentes Fortuna Iuvat et Dolor - Fortune Favours The Bold & Smart.


Venture Swans are Wanted ! Find out how to get involved as a leader, a builder, a partner or contributor below. 



Explain Today, Imagine Tomorrow

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Cygnus Ventures helps individuals, organizations and society understand our current state better and realize a bolder future.

Our diverse expertise and proven methods show how to make sense of the world,  anticipate scenarios, see patterns and discover meaning.

We assess risks and opportunities and offer guidance and value on how to thrive in the world.


Let’s make tomorrow more fulfilling, rewarding and inclusive.


We'd love to hear from you

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