Grey Swan Guild's Mission:

Making Sense of the World's Biggest Challenges & Next Grey Swans

Born out of the Pandemic, Minted on Zoom, Purposed for Real Life

Grey Swan Guild is a Global Network of Leaders, Thinkers, Change Agents, Experts, Sensemakers, Futurists, Innovators and Curious Others.

We believe the path ahead is better than the way behind, but only by working together can we find it. 

Embarked upon in April 2020, Grey Swan Guild was created to find that way forward and generate ideas to support rebuilding a better, clearer human experience, sensemaking patterns & meaning and getting ahead of the future.

We were formed out of the pandemic to inspire to world to think differently. Our ongoing aim is to surface, inspire, and invite evidence-based intelligence, content perspectives, learning forums, one-of-a-kind events, global network contributions  and venture-building societal, educational and commercial value, from those who are committed to influence positive change across the globe. 

Some of the reasons we think we do it differently (and maybe a bit better) is that we are:  Independent — Global — Deeper. than Superficial — Open + Experts — Positive + Future-Driven — Critical Thinking & Apolitical.

 In our latest insightful report, contributors from around the world shared their candid perspectives through five lenses of human experience:  Live, Love, Learn, Lead and Liminal.  

“Perhaps the secret of living well is not in having all the answers but in

pursuing unanswerable questions in good company.”

 Rachel Naomi Remen

Our lives are forever affected by major events and Grey Swans, but how and in what way? And is it permanent or not, remains to be explored. Home. Work. Play. Shop. Eat. Rest. Travel. Social. Escape.

The pandemic has shifted the limelight to what may be  truly most important - family, local society, global society, the earth, humanity - in other words, love. Relationships. Values. Passions. Respect. Empathy. Purpose. Humanities. Faith. 

The only way to fully use the power of creativity is to enter with a beginner’s mind to unlearn, and then learn into the emergent and unknown future. Learning. Unlearning. Relearning. Education. Skills. Collaboration. Behavior, Tech.

Each of us holds the key to how we integrate (or not) the learnings from this pandemic, that give us an unlimited number of outcomes. We are each leaders, at home, at work, and in the new future. Change. People. Teams. Brands. Business. Policies. Futures. Countries.  

How do we mediate the tension of the opposites, between how things were and how they’re becoming? What symbols, imagery, fantasies, and shadows arise from our unconscious, to guide us through this liminal space between two worlds?

Transitions. Ambiguities. Cultures. Thresholds. Context. Dissonance. Resilience. Safety.

Every week, we explore a themed, deep analysis and commentary of the week that was - The Great, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Tapestry & The Grey Zone of Uncertainty.

In the spirit of the post-modern version of a guild, we introduce a full series of honing your minds, skills & talents.  Audaces et sapientes fortuna iuvat — “fortune favours the bold and wise”,

”if you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up some place else.”

This is our campaign to make a strong futures & foresight practice just as important, credible and habitual as any  other practice in our current lives.

In our sped-up environment of memes, torrents, what’s trending, pundit observations, and fraudulent opinion, we asked, who is actually equipping our minds to find truths, and improve our own cognitive confidence and knowledge synthesis of the world ? We answered — let’s do our part.

The Guild is a beehive of activity happening every week. Blink and you may miss it. Let's climb behind the curtain and explore the member profiles, ventures, intelligence, experiences, training, content and inner workings of the Guild that says impossible is nothing.