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Culture Month

 A pivot to our guild's new monthly themes calendar 

July is CULTURE Month

Over 15+  provocative, interesting and free events in the guild for July

We make better sense of the world

We Make Better Sense of the World.

Grey Swan Guild is a global leading edge thinktank and do-tank for professionals

dedicated to making better sense of the world.

Here's the seven challenges we obsess about and try to solve for a superCAFFEINATED culture, marketplace, society technosphere, and workplace.

Sandhya Sabapathy, London, Social Impact

“I truly believe that the smartest minds need to be working on solving the world’s problems and supporting the underserved. I want to be part of the Guild's generation of new leaders who guide the way for current and future generations to work in socially & environmentally meaningful projects in a financially sustainable manner. "

Grey Swans do four cool things... 

In an increasingly complex, polarized, and uncertain world, our members flock together each month to alleviate our members' biggest professional pain points. 

Beyond your personal life, company life, local community, industry affiliations, our Guild functions as a unique and valuable "fifth place" of sorts. Come discover its benefits.

What's New In The Guild:

Catering to your most relevant professional interests

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