The COVID-19 pandemic marks an inflection point

We believe the path ahead is better than the way behind, but only by working together can we find it. 

The Grey Swan Guild was created to find that way forward and generate ideas to support rebuilding a better human experience.


 In this insightful report, over 60 contributors from around the world share their candid perspectives through four lenses of human experience:  Live, Love, Learn, and Lead.  

Our lives are forever affected but how and in what way? And if it is permanent or not remains to be explored.

The pandemic has shifted the limelight to what may be  truly most important - family, local society, global society, the earth, humanity - in other words, love.

The only way to fully use the power of creativity is to enter with a beginner’s mind to unlearn, and then learn into the emergent and unknown future.

Each of us holds the key to how we integrate (or not) the learnings from this pandemic, that give us an unlimited number of outcomes. We are each leaders, at home, at work, and in the new future. 

How do we mediate the tension of the opposites, between how things were and how they’re becoming? What symbols, imagery, fantasies, and shadows arise from our unconscious, to guide us through this liminal space between two worlds?