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Cygnus Sprints Launches  - On-Demand Solutions & All-Star Team for an Increasing Complex World

6 May, 2022​

GLOBAL — Cygnus Sprints, an on-demand consulting, change and advisory group powered by Grey Swan Guild (a global network of leaders, change agents, builders, sensemakers and futurists of 4,000+ members from over 90 countries) is now open for business. Starting this month, Cygnus Sprints is disrupting the management consulting, change management and transformation industry model.. The Cygnus venture will be offering seven sprint-based deliverables that provide better value, more depth and breadth of consultant experience,. at a brisker pace and more human, collaborative approach then the industry standard of the last 70 years. 

Over the last few months, the Cygnus venture group has assembled thirty leading change minds and transformation performers from inside the ranks of the Grey Swan Guild to deliver change and progress in a much different way than convention,  The Cygnus Sprints team members all have impressive pedigrees of client-relevant experience, deep change-savvy competencies and live the values of the Guild that birthed them - collaborative, aspirational, purpose-driven and curious decision makers and connectors of dots to the future. 

"We are continually hearing from current and prospective clients that they are looking for consulting, advisory and transformation services that can quickly provide informed and actionable strategic advisory services to better prepare them to deal with risk and uncertainty. Over the last two years, Grey Swan Guild has built an incredible reputation in thought-leadership in these and related areas. Cygnus Sprints joins the capabilities of the Guild with a network of experienced consulting practitioners to meet these strategic needs." said Cygnus Sprint's Managing Director Mitchell Halpern.

Cygnus Sprints is launching with seven on-demand sprints designed for a complex world, big challenges & future directions ...with a difference. The offering provides clients and prospective partners deep & broad expertise by significantly more experienced free agents, across a broader range of 50+ disciplines ,with more time urgency, cost flexibility and greater purpose-enlightened orientation.


“Consistent with our mission of making sense of the world's biggest challenges and next Grey Swans, we are launching Cygnus Sprints to extend that benefit beyond our Guild's perimeter to interested clients, partners, causes, governments and foundations. The world is so complex and sped up, and our client friends are challenged to keep pace with the world around them as they feverishly work to get through the pandemic, supply chain disruptions and achieve their quarterly or annual goals., It's not surprising that given fifty+ ventures pondered, Cygnus Sprints was voted as the #1 venture we should be offering, We are excited to make available to the world our all-star teams of intelligence, change and impact tied together by a superior business model" said Sean Moffitt,  Managing Director, Cygnus Sprints. ​​

The core sprint offerings are designed to make tangible progress in three months or less on client opportunities and challenges. They will include:

- Sensemaking Sprints - to help navigate uncertainty and complexity
- Scanning Sprints - to spot & synthesize signals and forces
- Innovation Sprints - (to pave the way for new impact/value
- Strategy Sprints - to develop and validate organizational direction and options
- Discovery Sprints - to build out scenarios and backcast to action
- Transformation Sprints - to facilitate culture and implementation across technology, process, culture, leadership and talent  
- Intro Sprints - to catalyze & educate on the freshest marketplace, workplace & cultural perspectives, particularly at the outset of projects 

The Extras - these sprints may also be supplemented by an impressive roster of keynotes/briefings (dashes), expert training curricula (hurdles), longer more involved engagements (marathons) or executive change counsel-in residences (decathlons). 

Find us on: LinkedIn, Medium and Twitter.

About The Grey Swan Guild:

Founded in April 2020, Grey Swan Guild is a global network of more than 4.000 members from over 90 countries with a common desire to "make sense of the world's biggest challenges and get ahead of tomorrow's wild card scenarios, what we call Grey Swans". We came together in response to the first shocks felt during the COVID-19 pandemic, to make sense of particular societal, cultural, economic, marketplace and workplace challenges for business leaders, policymakers, educators and curious others.

About Cygnus Sprints::

Just launched, Cygnus Sprints is an on-demand consulting, change  & advisory group that is prepared to help clients take on a world that is spinning out of control with uncertainty & blindspots, improbable events, infinite choices, accelerated speed and volatility, where the risks can be huge, stress levels high and distractions manyfold. Cygnus engagements will place a premium and emphasis on speed, multi-discipline collaboration, deep experience and no B.S. progress on client & customer-centered challenges. The result - clients are happier and more effective, consultants are more engaged and have a better fit for the work. Read a deeper review of our setup in our introduction post. and visit our webpage for more information:

For any inquiries and  more information please contact:

Mitchell Halpern, Cygnus Sprints Managing Director

Sean Moffitt, Cygnus Sprints Managing Director

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