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Sensemaking Sprints - Step Back, Before We Leap Forward

Make new sense of a world that is in constant and massive flux

Sensemaking Sprints Mission:  To navigate complexity and uncertainty, ... learning before you go about acting

Formats:  Navigating Complexity, Building Culture & Inclusivity, Framing Challenges, Retrospective Learning & Knowledge, System Mapping Gap & Bridge Analysis

Defined: In an increasingly VUCA,  never-normal world,  there are now frequently situations, crisis events and moments in time where we need to take stock of how we react to the environments around us. Organizations need to make the complex, complicated and chaotic simpler, they need to embed learning form past experience, they need to make the unclear clearer, they need to instinctively see the systems and connections collectively, they need to evaluate the very nature of how we make decisions and they need to frame those challenges back to your company or team..All this work is an important backdrop preceding any intended action.

The Cygnus Difference: 

  • Complexity Appreciation - value the multi-causal, interdependent environments we operate in 

  • Sensemaking Depth - multiple sensemaking principals not specifically married to one framework

  • Applied Thinking - climbs out of academia, places more importance on applying learning to action

  • Collaborative Facilitation  - experts capable of extracting cues, narratives and p;erspectives mutually faced

  • Compendium & Compass  - informed by Guild wiki and mapping venture, a Rosetta Stone for making sense

Options:  Act as prelude to a Strategy or Transformation Sprint, Introduce as a whole Training engagement to enrol other tiers of leaders in the learning.

Key Elements of Sensemaking:

- Environment: cultures, knowledge, frames, disruptions. structures, experiences, barriers, habits, skills, biases, identities

- Data & Inputs - scanning, scrolling, shape, missings, variables, relationships, anomalies, beliefs, experiences

- Content - quality, examples, patterns, uncertainties, data, networks, influences, opinions, visualizations

- Interpretation - context, norms, representativeness, connections, inferences, synthesis, surprises

- Gaps - questions, riddles, angst, discomfort, ambiguities, difference and amplitude from desired state

- Bridges -ideas, attitudes, memories, thoughts, beliefs, values, cognitions, stories, emotions, institutions, rituais

- Helps - mandates, recommendations, inducements, learnings, framings, reduce hindrances, decision maps, systems, consensus, plausibilitiues

For deeper insight into the topic: read our post The 20 Reasons Why Sensemaking & Critical Thinking Matter

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Cygnus Sprints is your leading on-demand management consulting, strategic advisory and change navigation group designed for your complex and sped-up world.

Faster. Better. On-Demand. 

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Get deeper and find the meaning behind your worlds with our Cygnus Sensemaking Sprints

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