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Uncertainty - The Boo

 Introducing the Guild's First Book

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UNCERTAINTY : Making Sense of the World for Better, Bolder Outcomes

In a first-of-its kind collaboration between Grey Swan Guild and Cygnus Sprints, we light up paths and solutions for leaders navigating these times of unparalleled uncertainty.

Tools for Today's and Tomorrow's Intelligence, Decision & Action: 
Cygnus Sprints provides the authoritative guide for making sense of the Great Uncertainty. Forget the academic explanations or veiled agendas, let's get after fixing our crafts, professions and the world. Leaders wanted.

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All The Whys, Hows, Whats & Whens of Dealing With a Complex, Sped Up  World 


A Global Pandemic. A Tidal Shift in Values. Fundamental Shifts in How We Work. A Fragile Economy. Industry Disruption at Every Turn. A Fickle Customer. Exponential Technologies. A Hunger for New Paradigms. Progress Unchecked. Limitless Options & Choice. Mental Health on High Alert. It's enough to frazzle our brains, hearts & souls...

... But Uncertainty Doesn't have to Bring Us to Our Knees.

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There is no magic antidote or cure for uncertainty. In many ways, like the game of golf, we never get to master uncertainty but we can embrace it and even enjoy it. Read 30+ perspectives on how we can alchemize uncertainty into opportunity.

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The literary temptation is to keep swimming and ranting about unfortunate tidal waves of uncertainty. That might make us feel good for an hour, a day or a week. Instead, we have asked each of our authors to come up with solutions and frameworks to confront uncertainty & make us better at our professions.

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We've gathered a distributed worldwide network of seasoned experts from many different disciplines to tackle the challenge of uncertainty. Although they have many different perspectives, they  hold in common our shared values of aspiration, curiosity, collaboration and purpose of building better craft, professions & world. 

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When encountering shifting landscapes and troubling waters ahead, better to traverse it with friends than go it alone. This is the first publication to our knowledge published by a Guild (Grey Swan Guild) and its spinout on-demand consultancy and advisory group (Cygnus Sprints).. Welcome to our Swanhood! . Join us for this migration and future ones.,

Join our Movement - Become a Navigator of Uncertainty, Author of Wild Cards of Uncertainty and/or Expert Uncertainty Weathervane Panelist

Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty can be absurd.. Pay heed to the collective of people - Futures Thinkers, Sensemakers, Leaders, Strategists, Technologists, Researchers, Change Agents and Market Makers - who have grappled with uncertainty over the last year. Become part of our troop.

Our goal is to provide THE playbook and movement for these times of Uncertainty with:

Better intelligence

Bolder outcomes.

Fresher perspectives.

Smarter paths.

Unlocking challenges.

And the conversation continues....


We would love your ongoing collaboration and support on a number of fronts by becoming a "Navigator of Uncertainty":

  • Author article(s) for our Uncertainty Wild Cards post-launch

  • Become a guest on our Uncertainty podcast/webcast

  • Provide input to our ongoing Uncertainty research

  • Furnish a book review or testimonials

  • Join us or add to our book tour 

  • Hire or join our Cygnus Sprints advisors and consultants for your most vexing challenges

  • Matchmake our authors/thought leaders for keynotes and executive briefings 

“Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating.”

-  Karl Von Clausewitz

Wild Cards of Uncertainty
Uncertanty Weathervane