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The Post-Modern Guild 

Something special is going on with the wellspring of magic and talent happening inside our guild.. The pandemic has caused many of us to reappraise what's important, and where we derive value in spending time. 

Thousands of smart, passionate people around the world have joined our Guild hungering for a different type of organization and group, beyond their companies, communities, families and industries. The Guild is their "fifth place" of sorts. 


Members have sought a kinship with people of mutual professional interest inside the guild to function as: a global trust network, a place of shared learning, a community of interest and craft-building, and a hub for building commercial ventures & societal value. Without much cajoling, the average of our Guild members is motivated to spend 6.8 hours each month in support of the Guild. 

When we started out, we wanted the right governance and had heard about online communities, expert networks, co-ops, ecosystems, and DAOs, but we asked 'why not bring back Guilds?'


The Revival of Guilds

The film industry, real estate agents, lawyers and some arts, medical and engineering professions still organize themselves along the lines of a Guild, online gamers have now joined them. Heck even Star Wars and Dune have bounty hunter and Spacing guilds. Perhaps they are a portent for things to come - something broader as a movement indicative of the liminal times we live in. We explore four historically relevant forces that are at play driving this fervor for guilds again.

Grey Swan Guild 

We may have lucked into Guilds by our early naming convention. When somebody mentioned it back in April, 2020, we liked the sound of it. I mean who doesn't want to be part of a guild? We'll admit calling ourselves a league, a network, or a community was on the table. Now that we're called this, by understanding better the traits of a guild, and realizing why people join us, makes us realize we are truly a guild, sharing commonalities with the best of them, not just in title but in spirit

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Grey Swan Guild Testimonials

 Benefit - Community

“Feels great being part of something interesting that isn’t my company.”

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