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Innovation Sprints - Bold Steps to New Value

See what everybody has seen, think what nobody has thought, make it happen

Innovation Sprints Mission:  To pave the way for new impact and value, across five levels of change 

Formats:  Innovation Start & Future-Readiness, Process, Service & Expansion Innovation. Product & Experience Innovation, Business Models. Ventures & Ecosystem Innovation, CommercializIng & Scaling innovation

Defined: No more status quo or innovation theatre. We need real progress on new products, experiences and lines of business value and impact. An innovation sprint provides the fundamentals of future innovation/change readiness, new product/service/business model workshop(s) and limited experimentation design to deliver better value generation, proposition & capture fundamentals.. With a full command of hybrids of thirty+ leading innovation approaches and thirty+forces, our teams can help you start, explore, search, venture, introduce, scale and embed "big umbrella" innovation more deeply and profoundly inside your organizations, at the flawed front end, messy middle and often ignored back-end. 

The Cygnus Difference: 

  • Not One Trick Ponies- we have widest arsenal approaches designed for your situation and ambition

  • Five Levels - most people consider innovation product-driven, some experience-driven but few design across 5 types 

  • More Than Ideas- innovation is about impact, value generation and shipping, ideas are merely creativity

  • Six Lenses  - cross-industry culture, customers, futures, strategy and technology all have big influences

  • Speed & Possibility  - current innovation operates in small boxes and is unnecessarily slow, we get out of the box and sprint

Options:  Arrange multiple sprints across a portfolio projects; build an innovation training curricula and improve the skills and capacity of your internal innovation teams.

Driving "Innovation Sprint" Insight:  

Innovation is a top three post-pandemic need as ranked by CEOs and yet is assesses as only the 17th out of 23  :ranked core disciplines inside companies.

Biggest Turnoffs in Innovation Development and innovation Partners (we don't do these):

#1. Incrementalism - set a low bar on what is achievable, frequently turn into me-too products 

#2. Innovation Theatre - all show, sizzle and ideas, very little substance, impact or launches

#3  Ignore Inputs - invest so much thought upfront, and then ignore early insights in development

#4. Blind to Futures - develop innovation using today's paradigms and assumptions, not tomorrow's world 

#5. Time Horizons Crutches - push the really big innovation so far out into the future, it never gets done 

#6. Don't Attempt to Understand The Business - not particularly collaborative or invested in company success

#7  Deep but Not Wide Vertical Expertise - more than half the threats to a business are outside current industries, why wouldn't you learn from them, than react to them 

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Cygnus Sprints is your leading on-demand management consulting, strategic advisory and change navigation group designed for your complex and sped-up world.

Faster. Better. On-Demand. 

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