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Emergent Leadership Perspectives in the Wake of a Pandemic

03 August 2020

GLOBAL— As countries, organizations and leaders reimagine new ways of working after the pandemic, the Grey Swan Guild launches our second publication Emergent Leadership Perspectives in the Wake of a Pandemic. The report is available here today and will also be profiled in our upcoming podcast network and livestream channels.

As one of the key four themes from our inaugural publication, we decided to take a deeper dive on leadership.  The biggest ongoing change to our world post-pandemic will be the revolutionary nature of our workplaces and work. Within that, the most interesting topic that our guild members told us to explore is the future nature of leadership in that different environment.  In this global pandemic, the world has changed, and we have all changed too.

In our newest publication, we have included six areas of leadership content:

  • Emergent Perspectives - leadership-based points-of-view shared by twenty-three of our guild members

  • Proprietary Research - our own survey-based outcomes from two different sources

  • Sensemaking Leadership - an analysis & review of over 200 articles on leadership during and post-pandemic

  • POV Reappraisals - a review of mindsets & opinions three months after initial reactions from our POV authors

  • Leadership Canvass - an additional set of sound bytes from respected leadership commentators and thought leaders

  • The Conversation Continues - eight ways and forums that our Guild explores the leadership question further.


“We have sensed a new zeitgeist in how leaders do their work in 2020. Remote work & distributed workforces, collaboration, innovation, sustainability and personal & employee well-being all have a new look about them now. The pandemic has catalyzed new leader traits and practices that were being held back before, now the floodgates are open. Our guild was also curious to know how these leadership styles changed as groups and teams moved through the response, recovery and reimagination phases as most industries and organizations return to some type of equilibrium," stated Sean Moffitt, Grey Swan Guild co-founder and Wave I foresights leader.

Our Wave I publication functions as a hub for activities, content and events over the next 16 weeks. Our report is designed to interplay with our website and content touchpoints Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium and Twitter.

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About The Grey Swan Guild

Founded in April, 2020, the Grey Swan Guild is a community of sensemakers that acts as an action-based think tank rising to the world's biggest challenges. We are made up of established experts, rising stars, and impassioned agents for positive change across 30+ countries from many professional domains, and demographics.

About Emergent Leadership Perspectives in the Wake of a Pandemic

Launched July 31st, 2020 to guild members and formally launched to the world August 3rd, Emergent Leadership Perspectives in the Wake of a Pandemic is our second guild publication making sense of the pandemic and some of its implications and opportunities. The report balances twenty-three fresh leadership perspectives, the Guild's proprietary research and with evidence-based insights to help business leaders, policy makers and educators make sense of the next normal and become better leaders.  


For more information please contact:

Sean Moffitt

Andrea Kates

Rob Tyrie

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