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1,.000 Day Radar  – 20+ Hours of Trend Perspectives & Future Scenarios

9 November 2021

GLOBAL — Grey Swan Guild, a global network of leaders, change agents, sensemakers and futurists of  2,200+ Members from over 75 countries, is now welcoming audiences to participate in its key back half 2021 marquee event "The 1,000 Day Radar" experience just in time for the end of the year.  

The guild is assembling one of the largest collections of future-minded talent to surface key factors, probable & likely scenarios, wild card & Grey Swan possibilities and implications and actions for all of us to act on now. 

We're doing it a little bit differently than many of the other end-of-year prognosticators by getting past the fads, fashions and short attention cycles but not so far in the future as the crazy moonshots or long futures. We are asking our hosts and panelists to bring maximum actionable value peering out over the next three years, as we glide and hiccup our way to 2025.

“True to our mission of making sense of the world's biggest challenges and next Grey Swans, we are asking some of the most talented people in the world to spot the early signals of the future and bring them forward for the benefit of our personal literacy, business value and societal benefit. It's what we do, it's what we are passionate about. So what originally started out as a 3 hour event has turned into a 20-hour marathon and festival of foresight and future thinking" said Sean Moffitt, co-founder of the Grey Swan Guild and Managing Director, Futureproofing: Next. 

The event will take place over two days November 10th & 11th from 12-10pm ET.  Rob Tyrie, co-founder of the Grey Swan Guild and Managing Principal of Ironstone Advisory 'observed "What's next? How do you decide what to do? With the acceleration of change and shocks that have happened over the last couple of years, there are more questions than answers. These discussions and panels are a telescope and binoculars for the next 3 years. We are taking the time to look up at the horizon and see what's what. That is a core part of our future thinking and sensemaking disciplines.".

1,000 Day RADAR : 20+ Hours, 60+ Speakers and 150 facets of foresights revealed

All our hourly sessions will be hosted, debated and discussed by feature experts, authors, futurists, and thought leaders who dissect and disrupt their fields and areas of focus. Each session will be recorded and posted online and be turned into 14 page mini-reports for our member's use before the end of the year.

"I love the energy Grey Swan Guild is able to bring during such "marathon events". Last April, we organized the 'round the clock Day of the Swan. In the end, we were all so galvanized, that we couldn't wait to build a new occurrence! In these long-form experiences, you get to meet and network with a concentrate of smart minds and benevolent people trying to make sense of the world and to act upon our collective future. It's exhilarating." said Sylvia Gallusser, Grey Swan Guild board member and Founder & CEO of foresight and futures thinking firm Silicon Humanism

Registration for events is streamlined to allow single registration for a full-day event with a common ZOOM link used throughout each day of the full event for member experience and ease of joining multiple sessions.

Wednesday, November 10th - Day One Sessions include:

  • 12:00PM ET The Pandemic & Next Normal hosted by Sean Moffitt

  • 1:00PM  The Future of Technology & Digital hosted by Mitchell Halpern

  • 2:00PM The Future of Environment & Climate hosted by Alan Hayes

  • 3:00PM The Future of Sports & Fitness hosted by Sean Moffitt

  • 4:00PM The Future of Entertainment & Media hosted by Tasleem Somji

  • 5:00PM The Future of Life & Society hosted by Bronwyn Williams

  • 6:00PM The Future of Education & Learning hosted by Gina Clifford

  • 7:00PM The Future of Health & Wellness hosted by Sylvia Gallusser

  • 8;00PM The Future of Leadership & Purpose hosted by Lorena Dexter Chaichian

  • 9:00PM The Future of Marketplace & Customers hosted by Robert Kabus


Agenda Page:  Day One - 1,000 Day Radar

Registration Page;  Day One - 1,000 Day Radar - Zoom Live Webcast 

Thursday,  November 11th - Day Two Sessions include::

  • 12:00PM ET Future of Work hosted by Esmee Wilcox

  • 1:00 The Future of Homes & Home Life hosted by Emily Watkins

  • 2:00 The Future of Diversity & Inclusion hosted by Helen Vasilevski

  • 3:00 The Future of Culture & Sociology hosted by Gordon Withrow

  • 4:00 The Future of Crime & Conflict hosted by Matthew Bateman

  • 5:00 The Future of Science & Progress hosted by Sharena Rice

  • 6:00 The Future of Business & Economics hosted by Sean Daken

  • 7:00 The Future of Art & Fashion hosted by Ni'coel Stark

  • 8;00 The Future of Space & Exploration hosted by Fernando Gutierrez

  • 9:00 The Future of Travel & Tourism hosted bY Lori Farley

  • 10:00 The Full Session Wrap Up hosted by Doyle Buehler


Agenda Page:  Day Two - 1,000 Day Radar

Registration Page;  Day Two - 1,000 Day Radar - Zoom Live Webcast 

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About The Grey Swan Guild

Founded in April 2020, the Grey Swan Guild is a global network of more than 2,200 members in 75 countries with a common desire to "make sense of the world's biggest challenges and get ahead of tomorrow's wild card scenarios, what we call Grey Swans". We came together in response to the first shocks felt during the COVID-19 pandemic, to make sense of particular societal, cultural, economic, marketplace and workplace challenges for business leaders, policymakers, educators and curious others.


About the "1,000 Day Radar" Event Series & Experience

1,000 Day Radar is an initiative of the Grey Swan Guild to reimagine the world looking forward after this pandemic. It entails a series of 1-hr events developed and hosted by our members over a two-day period. The events will be conducted as expert panel discussions with some of the world's most savvy trend navigators foresight generators and future thinkers.

Events are FREE and EVERYONE is welcome. Find out more at

Lead Contacts:

For more information please contact:

Sean Moffitt, Grey Swan Guild Founder,

Rob Tyrie, Grey swan Guild Founder,

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