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Chapter 3 - The Marketplace & Uncertainty

The default nature of the marketplace is uncertainty. We simply do not know what will happen around the corner. Building, capturing, communicating, delivering, investing in, marketing or selling value to customers, consumers or stakeholders has the same faint confidence as a 14-day weather forecast. This fog of the marketplace can roll in from offshore any time, creating havoc with our actuarial minds, algorithmic strategies and precise financial navigation tools. What are we to do?

The Marketplace & Uncertainty Chapter Cygnus Publishing

The Marketplace & Uncertainty - Components:

  • Introduction    

  • Augmented Brands: 21st Century Uncertainty Tesseracts and FLIRTing with the Marketplace (Sean Moffitt)  

  • Learning through Doing:  Experiment Broadly and Turn Creative Learning into Value  (Asha Singh)

  • Stuff Happens – It’s a Gift:  Values + Preparation= Creating Value from Uncertainty (Jacqui d'Eon)  

  • The Customer Zeitgeist:  The Slot Machine for Marketplace Bets over the Next Decade  (Sean Moffitt)

  • Chapter Conclusion

Five Highlights from The Marketplace and Uncertainty:

The Marketplace & Uncefrtainty
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The main sources of marketplace instability and risk are quixotic below-the-surface unknowns and beneath-the-Street factors. As Antoine de Saint Exupery once mused, “what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

In our current uncertain world, firms that grow faster in the marketplace (and the leaders who direct them) enjoy four distinct advantages: they augment their customers life, they experiment broadly and turn creative learning into value, they proof themselves effectively being steered by their values, and they create smarter, more personalized and authentic experiences.

Remember market fluctuations, rising market fears, and sentiment extremes may create chaos for many people but also kindling for opportunistic innovators, contrarian mindsets and patient investors who are able to wade through the haze of uncertainty and risk, and gather a sharper longer term view. 


To find the truth, sometimes you have to travel through some dense marketplace fog. It's not for the faint of heart and best done together.

The Marketplace and Uncertainty Cygnus Publishing

The Marketplace & Uncertainty Inspiration and Call to Actions:

“What you really want to do in selling, marketing, investing and innovating, is figure out what's important, knowable, testable and valuable. If it's unimportant, unknowable, untestable or lacking value, you should quickly forget about it.”

Get immersed in marketplace uncertainty. Let us know what you think.

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