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Testimonials - "Uncertainty: Making Sense of the World for Better, Bolder Outcomes"



"UNCERTAINTY is the modern playbook for how to think as an organizational leader and practitioner in our increasingly ambiguous times.  With planning horizons shortening, and the pace of change growing rapidly, leaders are unable to rely on 20th century models.  Uncertainty offers a n impactful collection of leading practices from over 30 global thought leaders to enable the modern business leader to continue to lead, innovate, and make sense of rapidly changing environment we find ourselves in each day."

 Gordon Withrow, Managing Director,,Cygnus Publishing

"If you don’t have tarot cards, a crystal ball, or a palm reader on demand, then this book is for you. A wondrous playbook of thought-provoking perspectives on how to take charge and lead through a world turned topsy-turvy with uncertainty. You will feel equipped and inspired to see the brilliance of opportunity in situations that cause others to quake."

Deb Dimoff, Managing Partner, Growing Legends

"Super smart insight. Frameworks, Mental Models, View Points, Essays, Diagrams. The things any one in business, government, military and NGOs should know more about. If you are a modern consultant, it is consulting on steriods.

It's the text book every MBA should add to their tool chest. You will use the tools to teach you organization to be better every day.

It's the kind of book that as a reference, you can flip to any chapter and discover something new for yourself or for your organization. Like good vitamins the book will give you a life in your well-being."

Rob Tyrie, Founder of Grey Swan Guild and Ironstone Advisory 

"The theme of our current and future time on earth is disruption and emergence of complex adaptive issues. We are swimming in a pool of uncertainty.  This book helps us get a foothold on thinking, living and adapting in conditions of  uncertainty which in turn gives us confidence to make bold decisions."

Angi English, CHDS HSx Founding Scholar for Innovation

"I have come around to the notion that uncertainty is the biggest catalyst and inhibitor of our times, not simply a small trait of our complex, sped up worlds. We need the leading edge thinking and best approaches to cope with it, and embrace more of it in our careers, leadership and professional disciplines. What the Cygnus Publishing group has done here in packaging the best thinking on Uncertainty is a triumph of collaboration over ignorance, bolder solutions over more explanations, and possibilities over rants, An essential for the modern executives' bookshelf to be referred back to over and over again."

Sean Moffitt, CEO, Cygnus Ventures and Managing Director, Futureproofing   

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