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Why Time Matters - The Most Valuable Resource We Have and a Key Driver Behind Cygnus Sprints 

Time is the most valuable resource you'll have in your career and life. We are given a certain amount of time on this planet, and no matter how successful you are, you can't cheat Father Time. Time waits for no one,. It marches on. You'll never get more time, and once you use it, it's gone forever.  Benjamin Franklin once mused about time in advice to a young tradesman in 1749 "time is money".  It's truer now, than it was then. In a purpose-driven world of today, you could also add the words "time is impact", "time is resilience", "time is experience" or "time is progress".  The world works at breakneck speed and being even a few weeks too late carries with it greater penalty, risk and costs than it ever has,

Time is a driving force behind Cygnus Sprints. We believe it to be so important we made the tie obvious by putting Sprints in our name. Consulting and advisory needs to incent itself to be quicker. We believe we operate 2X+ faster than some of our peers because we have pulled together five key elements that others haven't:

  • Cygnus Sprints has brought together experienced Principals and Advisors who are well down their change and consulting learning curves and aren't making time-wasting mistakes on your dime

  • Cygnus Sprints  is capable of building on-demand teams at the drop of a hat, drawn from our deep bench of Cygnus execs and from our 5,000 member Guild, customized to your challenge

  • Cygnus Sprints has focused on seven Sprint challenges that organizations most struggle with, and have identified the key scoping questions that are required at each part of their delivery

  • Cygnus Sprints has limited our engagements to three months or less to avoid project drift and delay, creating urgency and attention for both sides on the key challenges to be solved 

  • Cygnus Sprints has cut the frills normally associated with consulting offerings -  the big meetings, the unnecessary travel, the paper work, the 150 slide presentations and focused on the core of our craft and the think, plan, act and change work itself

In sport, we know time is important, whether a team can get off a shot before the time clock is up or the importance of 0.1 seconds in a 100 yard race.

In health care, we know time is important, and whether a person lives or dies, often depends on a speedy emergency response or donated organ.

In hospitality, we know time is important, coffee shops know that java-starved customers start getting antsy and impatient if they spend more than 2 minutes waiting for their brew,

In transportation. the trains need to run on time, the planes need to be at the gate, and that taxi/Uber better be at the corner when they say, or chaos ensues. 

Society runs by time. The trouble is in business frequently you think you have time, but you really don't. Let's fix that.



The world is 4.2X faster than a generation ago.

Compared to a generation ago, the world has noticeably sped up.  Technology, adoption curves, value shifts, as-a-Service processes and customer expectations have all gathered pace. Heck, even the Earth is spinning faster.


Just to keep up with the crushing pace, you have to be faster too. The reason why companies fail is not that they don't work hard or don't want to do well, it's usually they are either too indecisive, too slow or completely miss the train to the future.


Disruption is Shrinking Your Company's Lifespan 

Blackberry. Blockbuster. Lord & Taylor. Brooks Brothers. Quibi. Periscope. Pebble. Sears. Lehman Brothers. Texaco.  Groupon. Chrysler. WeWork.  Mismanaged? Maybe.  Disrupted? Oh yeah.

The average lifespan of a company has tumbled from 60 years in the 1960s to less than 12 currently. In truth, no matter who you are or what you do, in today's world you are always potentially less than two years away from losing your company, career or reputation. 

Nothing in life of business is permanent, so you better be wary of the time you do spend and always be peering around corners to see what's coming at you.



Senior Executive Tenure often Measured in Months Not Years

The average CEO tenure is down from 8 years in 2016 to 6.9 years currently. CIOs, CHROs, and CMOs are lucky if they make it to 3.5 years. Time is personally precious for the CxO.

Face facts, acting rashly may get you into trouble but dickering around in the C suite is a sure recipe for failure too. It's a perilous world and nearly 2/3rds of senior executives believe they are falling behind. You need business partners who won't waste your time, have your best interests at heart, will keep you literate and fluent at developments in the world out there and inform you of the early signals of warning that may get you into future trouble.   That's what Cygnus Sprints does.


Sprints are Everywhere, Because Time Matters

Whether it's due to a fever for business or digital transformation, new enthusiasm for innovation or business models, pandemic-sized shocks to the system or embrace of start up mindsets and cultures, organizations are seeking speed in their processes and partners.

The terms "Agile" and "Lean Start Up" are no longer the domain of Silicon Valley startups. or digital companies. Speed is #1 and #3 reasons why Agile is considered attractive by those who implement it. Sped is the #2 reason why Lean Start Up is being implemented across a wide cross-section of organizations.  The companies who are iterating quickly, and failing but learning fast are much more future -eady and positioned for change success.

We need to extend that smart attitude to speed across all key change imperatives. Cygnus Sprints is focused on seven of them.



The Opportunity Cost of Delay & Stutter Steps is Far Too High

In a fast-moving integrated business, the price of delay is far too high. Your extra couple of months third- and fourth-guessing innovation strategy might hold back R&D or corporate ventures. Your finessing an interpretation of new research, may hold back a pivot to a new experience or business model.,  Stasis in deciding how to transform may push back important new culture or supply chain initiatives.

In pursuit of perfect, 100% certainty or pure fancy, we have seen far too many innovation projects last years, far too many technology transformation pieces of work extend out well past three+ years and far too many training initiatives extend past business cycles.  The opportunity cost of just engaging a Fortune 500 C-Suite for an extra hour can range between $15-25,000. Time is valuable,. Time is distraction. Time is finite.

It's one of the key reasons why Cygnus Sprints does not charge by the billable hour like nearly every other consultancy,  but bills by the outcomes that can be delivered over the short term. There is a cost to you and us for hanging around, let's not waste it.

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