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Intro Sprints - Let's Get Started

If you don’t step forward, you will always remain in the same place

Intro Sprints Mission:  To catalyze and educate companies, teams & partners on the most relevant challenges


Formats:  Keynote (s), Workshops, Executive Briefings, Audits & Research, Content & Events


Defined: Providing fresh, relevant “making sense” keynote(s) or lite level engagement(s) focused on helping partner client and teams understand current & future environments, why and how shifts are happening and how implications & practices are important.


The Cygnus Difference: 

  • Initiation - a valuable initial step for clients to kick our tires & create energy for change

  • Variety - a range of expert 50 keynotes/12 workshops/6 briefings/6 audits/content capacity

  • Pulsecheck - the freshest perspectives on the most popular business & organizational topics (see below)

  • Delivery - performed by credible speakers from the top of the "Cygnus" speakers' bureau

  • Speed & Customization - topics can be delivered more or less on demand and bespoke to client


Options:  Act as kickoffs to other Sprint engagements; create a themed series of multiple engagements

Driving "Intro Sprint" Insight:: 

“The best speakers provide knowledge with a nudge - relevant new information with enough inspiration to act on the intelligence.”

Our Cygnus Thought Leaders Dominate and Master the Most Relevant & Popular Topics (ranked below):

#1 Innovation & The Future 

#2 Technology & Digital

#3 Leadership & Strategy

#4 Change & Transformation 

#5 Customers & Brands

#6 Intelligence & Data

#7 Startups & Entrepreneurship

Biggest Turnoffs in Business Thought Leadership (we don't do these):

#1. Unsubstantiated opinion (58%),

#2. Lack of original insight or ideas (45%),

#3 Too conceptual in content, without recommendations (43%)

#4. Promoting the advisor/producer, rather than addressing my problems (42%)

#5. Badly designed (41%)

#6. Too generic, not directly relevant to me (39%)

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Cygnus Sprints is your leading on-demand management consulting, strategic advisory and change navigation group designed for your complex and sped-up world.

Faster. Better. On-Demand. 

Powered by a Guild.

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Take the first step and enquire on our Cygnus Intro Sprints

Very important upcoming need? Event coming up soon? Some exacting & specific requirements?  No problem. In Cygnus, you can trust.,

Thanks for submitting you enquiry to Cygnus Sprints! Someone will get back to you shortly.
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