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Introduction to Uncertainty

Every day, every month, every year, every decade, each of us experiences uncertainty that impacts our culture, our marketplaces, our workplaces, our lives and our fundamental values. This book is for you. 

Introduction to Uncertainty

Uncertainty Introduced - Components:

  • A New Uncertainty Voice — Wide-Eyed Contrarians  

  • The Approach - Our Playbook for Uncertainty 

  • The Promise:  Making Sense of the World for Better, Bolder Outcomes 

  • The Caveat:  Acknowledging Some Paradoxes  

  • The UNCERTAINTY Seed:  Grey Swan Guild   

  • Not Just Knowing, but Doing:  Cygnus Sprints  

  • VUCA:  Heh, It’s a Crazy World Out There  

  • A Small Detour:  Coffee 

  • Making Sense of our Mad, Wonderful, Chaotic, World: Introducing super-CAFFEINATED   

  • The Yin and Yang of a CAFFEINATED World   

  • Our UNCERTAINTY Solar System:  Nine Core Chapters + One   

  • Epilogue UNCERTAINTY: Our Intended Effect on our Audience   

  • UNCERTAINTY Karma:  A Quick Note of Thanks  

Five Highlights from Uncertainty Introduced:

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Uncertainty doesn't have to be done to us, we can take ownership and agency over it, and make uncertainty work for us.

Grey Swan Guild and Cygnus Sprints and over 50 contributors got together to write this book. They are our all-stars that stepped up for our first Cygnus Publishing effort in an authentic triumph of collaboration over ego.

Uncertainty is on the rise and we need better approaches to rise to its level of pervasiveness and  compunding effects, for now and tomorrow. find our how CAFFEINATION helps us dimensionalize what's challenges and opportunities are in front of us.

Introduction to Uncertainty.png

Introduction to Uncertainty Inspiration and Call to Actions:

“Don't be paralyzed when you see uncertainty charting a course for your professional path or destination, because uncertainty is not an insurmountable force of nature, but merely just the fog that has obscured your way; you can pass through it!"

Get immersed in Uncertainty. Let us know what you think.

Burning question? Bulk sales? Follow up interest? Connect with the authors? Interview with contributor? Want to get involved in our next publication? When nothing is certain, anything and everything is possible.

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