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Our extended collection of thought leadership articles

Wild Cards of Uncertainty

Read on below for our extended digital set of wild card author contributions associated with our book Uncertainty : Making Sense of the World for Better, Bolder Outcomes

wild·​card |   /ˈwaɪld kɑːd/
Definition:  illuminating content on the theme of uncertainty across disciplines that can take on many different types of value;  arrived after our most recent book edition has launched; fundamentally problem solving and solution finding that savor tackling the challenge of a superCAFFEINATED uncertain world

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Wild Card - Article #1
Scanning/Futures, Possibilities

Illuminating the Path to Uncertain Possibilities: 
Looking into the space of possibilities with the futures-telescope
by Eva Tomas Casado

I was always fascinated by the sunlight.  It influences how we perceive the world around us. We literally need it to live.


Without light, we do not see as clearly as with bright sunshine, sometimes it is pitch black, which makes us uncomfortable and lost. Even our emotional well-being is connected to how much sunlight we receive. When the light is not refracted, natural light is yellow. When you use a prism to refract it, you get a rainbow. It makes the sky blue and some evenings red. It has invisible parts that make you feel warm, or change your skin tone.  And its superpower — it is particle and wave at the same time.

Wild Card - Article #2
Leadership, Teams

Why is it so hard to nail down in organizations? Oh the elusiveness of this blasted thing we call trust. 

It is on every leader’s mind and presumed to be one of those magic bullet’s that will make everything else fall into place for a team. Yet, it keeps showing up as “lacking” among many teams.


Now, Patrick Lencioni did place trust at the foundation of his Five Behaviors pyramid in his infamous book, Five Dysfunctions of a Team. With over 3 million copies sold world wide, his concepts have clearly left an impact and helped shape trust in teams where it wasn’t effective enough before.

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