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Grey Swan Guild hosts visionary Leap Day of the Swan Quadrennial Summit

21 February 2024

GLOBAL — On February 29th, the global member-driven organization Grey Swan Guild will host its inaugural Leap Day of the Swan event. The summit convenes 100 leading global minds for an interactive step back on the last four years and a high-impact glimpse into the next four years.

"This will be a great opportunity to curate something that can be a time capsule looking into tomorrow. I also look forward to seeing the collective of participants create unique narratives about how the next four years will look," reflected Leap Day of the Swan Executive Producer Scott Phares.


As a Guild we voluntarily strive to help others navigate uncertainty with a powerful set of tools. These Guild members who will help moderate the Future Wheel sessions have a strong knowledge base giving us the ability to provide a great learning experience.


Leap Day only arrives once every four years, making it an apt occasion to advance sensemaking and foresight work and provide vision across key areas like technology, environment, mental health, geopolitics and in particular the workforce and remote work of 2020, compared to 2024, and speculated on for 2028. 


"Leap Day of the Swan represents the major milestones hiding in plain sight. Our summit aims to reveal the consequences, risks and opportunities ahead," said Grey Swan Guild founder Rob Tyrie.


The by-invite only Leap Day of the Swan summit features rapid-fire prediction games, collaborative "future wheel" scenario planning,  personal futures 2028, and a thrust toward a published report codifying insights from prominent thought leaders on the front lines of change, including among them a range of fifty shades of Grey Swan thinkers and do-ers.


Grey Swan Guild Founder Sean Moffitt noted: "Leap Day holds our combined energy and collaboration as an inflection point, a pause in ordinary time allowing us to re-perceive and reset trajectories four years running.”


Though future-gazing summits exist, none incorporate interactive foresight work and networking amongst change leaders in such an exclusive summit capped at 100 participants.  


The Grey Swan Guild has over 10,000 sharp minds and executive-tier members across 100+ countries focused on making sense of the world through strategy, policy, intelligence, and executive education at the intersection of technology, the marketplace, the workplace and society. The global-oriented firm anticipates Leap Day of the Swan will become a defining summit and community ritual re-running every four years.


This February 29th event launches that ambitious vision as participants engage and workshop the next evolution of remote work trends, and tackle global grand challenges in the follow up report.

About The Grey Swan Guild:

Founded in April 2020, Grey Swan Guild is a global network of more than 10.000 members from over 100+ countries with a common desire to "make sense of the world's biggest challenges and get ahead of tomorrow's wild card scenarios, what we call Grey Swans". We came together in response to the first shocks felt during the COVID-19 pandemic, to make sense of particular societal, cultural, economic, marketplace and workplace challenges for business leaders, policymakers, educators and curious others. We have stayed together to host global best caliber events, novel learning forums, prescient intelligence reports,

About Leap Day of The Swan:

It happens every...126,144,000 seconds, 2,102,400 minutes, 35,040 hours, 1,460 days and 4 years of orbits 'round the sun. It's Leap Day - a four year milestone our Guild wants to celebrate and milepost .. because a lot can happen in four years. Leap Day has been notorious for being ignored unless you happen to have a wedding anniversary, or you are a Leapling (born on Feb 29th). But in times past this day was decorated with out-of-norm traditions such as Irish Bachelor’s day or a two-day Roman celebration.​​ The Grey Swan Guild has decided to create a new tradition that includes some distinctive smarts and fun, A Leap Day of the Swan! Event convenes February 29th at 10am ET/ 7amPT/ 4pm CEST.  Join us for our very first edition - limited to 100 particpants.

For any inquiries and  more information please contact:

Scott Phares, Executive Producer, Leap Day of the Swan 

Eva Tomas Casado, Day Host & Editor, Leap Day of the Swan

Sean Moffitt, Grey Swan Guild Founder

Rob Tyrie, Grey Swan Guild Founder

Find us on: LinkedIn, Medium and Twitter.


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