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The World Welcomes the Grey Swan Guild 

17 June 2020

GLOBAL—Today, the Grey Swan Guild launches globally as an action-based thinktank that sensemakes society's biggest challenges. Our first publication Emergent Global Perspectives in the Wake of a Pandemic also launches today and is available here.

In response to the first shocks we felt in the early days of the pandemic, we exchanged messages and posted our learnings online. Then, grassroots word of mouth spread on how we were organizing a global hive of thinkers attempting to collaboratively make sense of this new world. 

Over the last ten weeks, the Grey Swan Guild has met, organized, requested points of view and conducted research around what was really happening in our lives, workplaces and marketplaces from the effects of COVID-19. So, our venture was born.

Our Grey Swan Guild is now a group of over 200+ members whose aim is to produce quarterly publications & productions, multimedia content & solutions and future-savvy research, intelligence & events. Our perspectives, observations and opportunities surfaced about the post-pandemic world are the guild's Wave I focus. Our Wave II study will launch in September'2020.

In our first publication Emergent Global Perspectives in the Wake of a Pandemic, you will find new knowledge curated and produced through observation, informed futurism, and perceptive analysis. We have provided fresh new lenses on the future to assert and to influence outcomes.

Unlike other post-pandemic 'next' analyses— we have pooled the efforts & talents of a global collective of contributors and thinkers united by curiosity, optimism, and collective good. We aim to unlock a better future for business leaders, policy makers, educators and curious others.

"We formed the Grey Swan Guild to be a global early warning system of emerging societal shifts combined with multi-faceted response team to make sense of the change and provide practical guidance on what to do next," says Andrea Kates, co-founder and Wave I leader.

"It's a recipe. Take trackers, news, analysis, history, research, science and math, mix with 200 caring, curious minds, tools and methods created under pressure. That energy binds us into a self-sustaining community," added Rob Tyrie, Grey Swan Guild co-founder and chief sensemaker.

"Very few anticipated the nature, depth and breadth of the current COVID-19 crisis we are now in. It was a true grey swan event. There was no playbook, and as witnessed by racial conflict in the U.S., this won't be the last surprise. Across the three planks of activity contained in our first publication, sensemaking, new research and points-of-view, we try to distill what's really happening behind these shocks and how one thing on the other side of the world can create a butterfly effect on the other side," suggests Sean Moffitt, co-founder and foresights leader. 

Our Wave I publication functions as a hub for activities, content and events over the next 16 weeks. Our report is designed to interplay with our website and content touchpoints Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium and Twitter.

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About The Grey Swan Guild

Founded in April, 2020, the Grey Swan Guild is a community of sensemakers that acts as an action-based think tank rising to the world's biggest challenges. We are made up of established experts, rising stars, and impassioned agents for positive change across 30+ countries from many professional domains, and demographics.


About Emergent Global Perspectives in the Wake of a Pandemic

Officially launched June 16th, 2020, Emergent Global Perspectives in the Wake of a Pandemic is our first guild publication making sense of the pandemic and some of its implications and opportunities. The report balances sixty fresh perspectives with evidence-based insights to help business leaders, policy makers and educators make sense of the world.  



For more information please contact

Sean Moffitt

Andrea Kates

Rob Tyrie 

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