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UNCERTAINTY - The 2023 Tour

Just because a book crosses a finish line doesn't mean the conversation is over. In some respects, it's has just begun. We are taking Cygnus Publishing's book  "Uncertainty; Making Sense of the World for Better, Bolder Outcomes" on the road to the enlightened masses, disrupted professionals and voracious curiosity seekers. How do we in these complex, sped-up times navigate through the fog of uncertainty? Let's find out from the experts.

We have scheduled over fifteen+ professional events in 2023 for your less- -than-certain dispositions.  Some will be paid, and some will be free. Some will go deep, and some some will scratch that itch. All will deliver fresh perspectives, new frameworks and pathways to solutions to our superCAFFEINATED worlds,. This should be fun, entertaining and educational , because when nothing is certain, anything is possible. 


Come join us, invite us and oh, buy the book.

Uncertainty - the tour

Uncertainty The Book -
Launch Events

Our producers, editors and writers cover off the burning questions:

  • why uncertainty?

  • how did we frame uncertainty for our readers?

  • who is our audience

  • what we liked the most in the book?

  • how Uncertainty doesn't function as book but more as a movement ? 

  • what we learnt in the process of producing, editing and writing Uncertainty?

  • collective aspirations for book?

We also will profile more than 15 ways for you to get involved in the Uncertainty movement, in the ventures hatched it, and the Guild that birthed us. Don't miss it! 

Screen Shot 2023-06-15 at 8.20.25 AM.png

UNCERTAINTY - The superCAFFEINATED Flywheel of Main Street, Wall Street, High Street and Silicon Valley

We cover off the opening frame of our UNCERTAINTY book and with editors and special guests:

  • are we really swimming in more uncertainty than historically?

  • a 2020s version of VUCA - superCAFFEINATED - 11 factors that  are changing our world 

  • some of the theoretical basis for Uncertainty

  • a multidisciplinary circumnavigation of uncertainty

  • how we can use uncertainty as a force for better and bolder outcomes

We aim to also getting interested people involved in our Compass & Compendium venture regarding frameworks, methods and tools...

Get the book designed for this chaotic decade"Uncertainty - Making Sense of the World for Better, Bolder Outcomes"

Technology & Uncertainty

Exploring tech's uncharted territories, "Technology & Uncertainty" is an event that boldly delves into the uncharted territory of technology in our complex and sped up world.  This gathering aims to redefine our relationship with unpredictability, showcasing how it fuels innovation and transformation.

Join visionary thinkers, industry pioneers, and researchers as we navigate the evolving tech landscape. Through thought-provoking conversation, interactive discussions, and captivating research and new models, ,we'll unravel the potential of uncertainty and discover groundbreaking ideas that reshape industries and societies.

Prepare for a mind-expanding experience, where open dialogue and fresh perspectives collide. Bring curiosity, an open mind, and a hunger to embrace the unknown. Together, we'll unlock a future where uncertainty becomes the driving force behind technological advancement.

We aim to also getting interested people involved in our Compass & Compendium venture regarding frameworks, methods and tools..

Technology Uncertainty.png
Leadership Uncertainity

Leadership & Uncertainty

Embracing the great unknowns,  "Leadership & Uncertainty," is an event that explores the intersection of leadership and the ever-present unpredictability of our superCAFFEINATED worlds. This digital event  aims to empower individuals to navigate ambiguity, embrace uncertainty, and thrive in complex and rapidly changing environments.

Commune with visionary leaders, experts, researchers and authors as we delve into the challenges and opportunities that uncertainty presents. Through thought-provoking conversation, interactive discussions, and captivating research and new models, ,we will uncover strategies to lead effectively amidst unpredictability, harnessing it as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey, where conventional wisdom is questioned, and new paradigms are discovered.. Gain invaluable leadership insights, and develop the resilience and adaptability needed to navigate uncertainty.

Associations, Companies, Events, Media:
Invite our Uncertainty Authors and Experts to brief, interview or keynote at your next big thing:

Uncertainty Speaker.png

Marketplace & Uncertainty

Going beyond merely risk, "Marketplace & Uncertainty"" is a thought-provoking event that delves into the dynamic intersection of the marketplace and uncertainty. This hour aims to empower individuals to embrace and thrive amidst the ever-changing landscape of today's mercurial marketplace.

Learn from industry thinkers, disruptors, growth experts and authors as we unravel the complexities of marketplace uncertainty. Through captivating talks, immersive discussions, and fresh perspective and models, we will explore innovative strategies and discover untapped opportunities that arise from embracing unpredictability.

Get ready for an eye-opening experience, where we challenge conventional thinking and unlock the power of uncertainty. Engage in stimulating conversations, gain valuable insights, and explore practical approaches to adapt and thrive in a volatile marketplace. Bring an open mind, a hunger for knowledge, and a willingness to disrupt the status quo. as a catalyst for growth, creativity, and competitive advantage. 

Marketplace Complexity.png

Sensemaking & Uncertainty

In an uncertain, erratic world, "Sesnemaking & Uncertainty" is an immersive event designed exclusively for practitioners seeking to catalyze uncertainty through the power of sensemaking.  This forum is your passport to unlock practical strategies and insights for navigating the unpredictable and chaotic.

Join seasoned experts,  practitioners, thought leaders and authors in an exhilarating journey of sensemaking and uncertainty. Through dynamic conversations, new frameworks, and interactive experiences, you'll gain tangible tools and learn battle-tested techniques to make sense of complexity and drive informed decision-making.

Prepare to be engaged, inspired, and equipped with actionable takeaways. Dive into thought-provoking discussions, harness the collective intelligence of fellow practitioners, and ignite your sensemaking prowess as your secret weapon.. 

Do Consulting & Advisory Better, Bolder and Faster:
Hire or Join the on-demand consultancy customer designed for this uncertain world - Cygnus Sprints

Cygnus Sprints.png

Scanning & Uncertainty

Embrace the unmanageable and barely unthinkable, "Scanning & Uncertainty" is a fast paced dynamic event determined to get at futures, foresights and forecasts amidst a shifting world.


Ignite your imagination, challenge conventional thinking, and equip you with the tools to navigate ambiguity. Engage with influential futurists, visionary thinkers, and cutting-edge practitioners in a panel of high-impact speakers. Discover how futures thinking, foresights, and embracing uncertainty can unlock new possibilities and drive innovation in an ever-changing world.

Prepare for a breezy, wide-eyed experience packed with bold ideas, new models and actionable insights. Ignite your curiosity, fuel your imagination, and embrace the unknown as a pathway to uncharted opportunities. Be ready to challenge assumptions, expand your perspectives, and navigate future uncertainty with confidence. Let's redefine the future together. 

Scanning Uncertainity.png
Uncertainity Strategy.png

Strategy & Uncertainty

The world has an infinite amount of choices, "Strategy & Uncertainty" is and event  that explores the intricate relationship between strategy and uncertainty. Gain valuable insights from renowned strategists, planners and policy shapers, unlock innovative approaches, and learn how to thrive amidst volatility and ambiguity.


Discover strategies to adapt and excel in unpredictable environments. Engage in illuminating discussions, delve into market-tested frameworks and uncover practical tools to shape resilient strategies that drive success despite uncertainty.


Prepare to expand your strategic acumen, challenge conventional thinking, and develop a proactive mindset for navigating ambiguity. Join us as we decode the complexities of uncertainty, revealing actionable strategies that help you turn unpredictability into a competitive advantage.


Don't miss this chance to elevate your strategic thinking in an unpredictable world.

Innovation & Uncertainty

Redefine innovation through the veil of an uncertain present and future, "Innovation & Uncertainty" will be an exhilarating event that delves into the dynamic intersection of uncertainty, innovation, and business models.


Prepare for a thought-provoking journey, where we challenge the conventional and explore the untapped potential of embracing uncertainty.  Engage in captivating discussions as we navigate the complexities of uncertainty and its profound impact on how we build value and impact,


Discover how uncertainty can be harnessed as a catalyst for transformative ideas, agile strategies, and disruptive approaches to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Reimagine possibilities and forge a path towards unprecedented success in a rapidly changing business, public and societal landscape.

Innovation Uncertainty.png

Chime in on our ongoing Uncertainty research:
Answer the twelve questions we'd love to still wrap our minds around Uncertainty.

Uncertainty Weathervane.png
Discovery Uncertainty

Discovery & Uncertainty

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey, "Discovery & Uncertainty" is an event where we embrace the uncharted territories of research, intelligence, and discovery.


Join us for an immersive event that challenges the status quo, ignites creativity, and unveils the untapped potential in a world brimming with possibilities. Engage in thought-provoking conversations and fresh perspectives that redefine the boundaries of research, intelligence, and discovery.


Unleash your imagination as we delve into unexplored realms, unraveling insights that disrupt the conventional wisdom. Prepare to expand your horizons, ignite your passion, and reimagine the possibilities that await.

At this immersive leading edge-driven event, we challenge the norms and embark on a transformative journey of exploration. Join us as we unleash our potential, redefine what's possible, and pave the way for a future where research, intelligence, and discovery become powerful drivers of change and innovation.

Become part of our supporter's club:
Join our front row of Uncertainty Navigators, get access and hear things first.


Transformation & Uncertainty

Enter the realm of profound breakthroughs, "Trransformation & Uncertainty" is an event that takes us on a  journey where we embrace uncertainty, unlock the secrets of transformation, and master the art of change management in an ever-evolving world.

Engage in thought-provoking discussions and fresh models that challenge conventional thinking on uncertainty and transformation. Discover new behavioral and timeless principles that guide effective change  and navigate the complexities of today's dynamic business environment.


Unleash your potential to adapt, innovate, and lead change successfully, with a profound understanding of organizational and team dynamics. Uncover your transformative power as you redefine, embrace and navigate paths through the fog of uncertainty.

Transformation Uncertainity.png
Wild cards of uncertaity.png

Wild Cards of Uncertainty

Come to our "Wild Cards of Uncertainty" event and discover our expanded universe of thought leaders!


Get ready for a thrilling experience where authors showcase their diverse range of articles, all centered around the captivating theme of uncertainty.


Each writer will unveil their unique perspectives on various topics, spanning from business to science, art to technology. Brace yourself for a whirlwind of knowledge, surprises, and thought-provoking ideas.


Join us as we unravel the unpredictable, celebrating the exhilarating possibilities that uncertainty brings. Including an improv game of Cards With Uncertainty. It's time to sit back, tune in, and let the game of uncertainty begin!

Missed your opportunity to author something? Think again:
Submit your 750-1,000 word article on Uncertainty and we will add it our collection of digital wild cards.

Wild Card of Uncertainity.png

Uncertainty - The Guild Masterclass 

Introducing the Guild Masterclass on Uncertainty: Your Path to Professional Excellence. Join us for an immersive 15-hour journey over 8 weeks, combining online modules, offline exercises, and personalized coaching sessions. Led by Uncertainty experts and practitioners, this Guild Masterclass empowers professionals to navigate the complexities of uncertainty with confidence.


Unlock practical strategies, enhance decision-making skills, and cultivate an agile mindset. With the style of a Guild Masterclass, we'll delve into real-world examples, interactive activities, and expert insights.


Embrace uncertainty as a catalyst for growth and propel your career to new heights. Enroll now and embark on a transformative learning experience like no other

Uncertaiity - The guild masterclass.png
Uncertainty Weathervane.png

Weathervane ; Uncertainty
Dissecting Shifts

Introducing Weathervane: Research and Intelligence on Uncertainty. Explore our exclusive collection of 15 flummoxing questions on the topic, unveiling fresh research results and expert interviews. With options for both members and executives, dive into our comprehensive reports and gain unparalleled insights on navigating uncertainty. Stay ahead of the curve, harness the power of knowledge, and unlock strategies to thrive amidst ambiguity. Join us and become a part of our elite community of informed decision-makers shaping the future.

Cygnus Publishing Kickoff - The Sequel

The kickoff meeting for producing a new book at Cygnus Publishing is an exciting event that brings together a diverse team of talented individuals. Authors, editors, executive producers, graphic artists, researchers, and project managers all converge to embark on a collective journey of creativity and collaboration.


This meeting serves as an onboarding platform, fostering a sense of unity and purpose. Ideas are shared, roles are defined, and expectations are set, igniting the spark of innovation and setting the stage for a remarkable literary masterpiece.

Cygnus Publishing II.png
GSG book Festival Uncertainity.png

Opening Act: GSG Book Festival

The GSG Book Festival is one of our Guild's top marquee events, returns with a captivating program over two days, delivering 12 hours of immersive coverage. This literary extravaganza offers something for everyone, including our esteemed author guests, Guild members, and curious minds.

Delve into the depths of intrigue as we peel back the layers of motivation, process, reactions, and regrets behind writing and its outcomes. Each hour-long session presents a compelling profile of the author and their work, revealing the essence of their literary journey.


Join us for two unique sessions tailored to different audiences: one for members and others who have recently finished or are currently writing a book, and another for those eager to learn the art of book writing.


In the opening hour, "Uncertainty - The Book," we dive into the topic of uncertainty, exploring its nuances, implications, and the stories behind captivating works that shed light on this universal theme.

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in the literary world, connect with remarkable authors, and gain profound insights into the writing process. The GSG Book Festival is a celebration of words, ideas, and the power of storytelling.

Navigators of Uncertainty Summit

Welcome to Navigators of Uncertainty, a sponsored member-only transformative summit meeting that blends celebration, interactive forums, and groundbreaking announcements about what lies ahead. Join us for a dynamic experience where we honor the journey of navigating uncertainty and collectively embrace the challenges of the unknown.


Engage in thought-provoking discussions, interactive sessions, and be at the forefront of discovering what the future holds. This summit is a convergence of inspiration, collaboration, and anticipation as we navigate the ever-changing landscape together. Get ready to chart new paths and celebrate the indomitable spirit of resilience and adaptability.

Navigators of Uncertainty
What's next Uncertainty.png

What's Next Uncertainty

"What's Next: Uncertainty."  dives into the year ahead with forecasts, previews, and wild card predictions.


Discover innovative methods to navigate and embrace uncertainty, equipping you with the tools needed to confidently tackle whatever lies ahead. Prepare to unlock new perspectives and strategies for thriving in an ever-changing world in advance of 2024.

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