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Progress in three months, or we'll fire ourselves...

Why Sprints Work

The world operates on two speeds.  Part of the world is agile, quick, responsive and speedy, they are hard charging and accelerators designed for a sped up world around them. Part of the world is slow, distracted, plodding, and busy but not productive. Unfortunately, too often in strategy, change, futures, innovation and transformation circles, partners & people fall into the latter  camp. The pace is glacially slow, the overall perception is too relaxed and the work ethic is over sedate. It drives clients crazy. Twenty percent of clients tell us the lack of agility and responsiveness is the #1 reason why they hate working with consultancies and partner firms. Here's why consulting & advisory Sprints are a novel and  better way to tackle your big challenges. 

Faster, no Bs.png

Faster, No B.S. Approach

Innovation theatre. Transformation drift. Future talk.  Strategy speak. Change inertia. Yeah, we hate all of them too. Too much of management consulting is extending projects out in forever land when they should be dead set on creating impact..


Cygnus Sprints gets rid of the song & dance routines, the unnecessary frills and the trying to impress-too-hard show pieces. We scope early, learn quickly, discover briskly, operate agilely and execute in 13 weeks or less, with a no B.S. client-centric attitude...   

Time-Boxed Certainty, Amidst Uncertainty

We acknowledge the uncertainties that exist around industry corners and under organizational cultures. However, the one thing consultancies, boutiques and change firms can control is time and cost. Forget three year sinkholes of projects that never finish, they simply won't happen with us.


Once contracted and briefed, Cygnus Sprints will get to the heart of the matter and partner with you to drive progress ... fast.  Our teams are used to global, agile work focused on the key items of value, and experienced enough not to get caught with the pitfalls of distraction. 


Gravity & Urgency

A project that doesn't have executive and management seriousness and necessity, with rare exceptions, won't get executed well,  or perhaps at all., By elevating and maintaining attention over a short window, we can minimize projects always being in experimental or beta mode and never progressing, expanding or scaling.


Cygnus Sprints focuses upfront on the projects small enough to execute behind, but big enough to matter. We breakdown projects and complexity into pieces, establish touchstones of critical work to provide quick wins & confidence and give you the client options for further exploration, iteration or scope when the sprint work is done.

Pace = Better Price for Value

We will tell you something you likely already know but deserves some repetition - nearly all consultancies and advisors have absolutely no incentive to want to finish your work quickly. The more complicated they can make your issue sound, the more impression of value they can create. The longer a project goes, the more billable hours they can justify..


Cygnus Sprints takes a different approach to your needs. We have busy on-demand consultants  that want to get in and get out of your projects. No twiddling thumbs or wild goose chases. We get antsy. We don't sell hours, we produce outcomes.of value. It leads to more experienced principals on your project providing a better experience and actual end delivery for you. 


Not Short Cuts, Pro Curves

The average consultant or resource on many large consulting and advisory projects have less than four years of work experience. It's how a a top heavy,.partnered consultant, business model works. You'll see glimpses of the 25+ year vet, but most of the work is being done by juniors. They are smart, but they are still learning on your dime.. 


Cygnus Sprints has principals and advisors working your projects that have 4x-8x the experience of other firms. many former clients,. They are constantly learning, relearning and unlearning the newest approaches on a backdrop of seasoned experience. We can offer faster customized delivery on high-end challenges not because we're cutting corners, but because we have seen them and been there before. and can react more quickly with a full Guild of resources behind us.

Higher Productivity, Opens Up New Paths

By being quick and agile, we can keep momentum high, price tag low, options high, chaos low.. Projects that follow this type of agile approach are proven to be about 28 percent more successful than others.

Given our distinctive approach to speed and eliminating unnecessary iteration, Cygnus Sprints can create new windows of opportunity that you might normally cringe when being confronted with in the past ::

- special projects that don't attract the large budgets or attention yet 

- training work on strategic, future or change outcomes

- spending levels that don't exceed some threshold requiring exhaustive procurement process 

- reaction to rapidly changing environments, or headwinds

- playing catch-up on previously off-kilter projects

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