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The Broken Leadership Playbook - A time for evolving

By Bosco Anthony

The world is in need of evolving all facets of its operational utility to further enhance its future existence. There is a dystopian trend looming from recent events where we are observing:

  • certain industries being wiped out completely.

  • evolving remote/migrating workforces creating digital overwhelm.

  • increase in mental illness from isolation, economic depression, and shortage of supply chains creating chaos.

  • conspiracy theory and negative fear-mongering news.

  • clear gaps between the classes of human functionality.

  • climatic events that are leading to habitat loss and concern for animal extinction.

During these remarkable times we as leaders need to accept that the leadership playbook is broken and now is the time to evolve how we lead by design. From governments to corporations, businesses to communities, causes to movements, there is an awakening to, and an outcry for leaders to emerge.

  • Leaders are tasked with engaging a large group of people in need of new career options, new skill sets and training.

  • We are driven to empower the global masses to have basic human rights and bridge the gap between the classes to accelerate access to equality, safety, shelter, food, universal income and accessibility to education to prompt economic balance.

  • We are cautioned to prevent a second outbreak as opposed to fueling it.

  • We are asked to be accountable for ethical journalism.

  • Humanity is urged to take action to protect our wildlife and habitat to prevent extinction of some of the worlds species.

Without some of these core global melodies being attended to we cannot sustain a harmonious legacy of human evolution. I fear civil unrest, future outbreaks and an economic meltdown are just some of the outcomes if we do not collaborate with one voice.

In Australia, we have taken great measures in flattening the first curve but I remain optimistically cautious about a future breakout. While restrictions have loosened, we need to remain vigilant and persistent in our approach. While there is a need to stabilize the economy, we also need to be accountable in how we approach this in business and life-- a notion called “Accountable Freedom” where you know you are free to go outside but you choose to exercise caution..

I believe that how the media and government leaders managed communications in Australia and New Zealand played a significant role in implementing each nation's preventative measures and gaining compliance from a majority of their populations. There is a need for alignment to have accountable, trusted and woke leaders. How we view our leaders plays a huge role in how we live our lives. I remain optimistic that we have the power to recover from this downturn. We just have to embrace innovation and a collaborative mentality for the betterment of our fellow humans.

Necessity is the mother of innovation.
  • Collectively, we need to find innovative ways to restabilize the economic industries that were affected by this pandemic.