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Creative Networking and Partnerships

By Maggie Riad

Access to thought capital and creativity will be a critical success factor in navigating ambiguity and designing new pathways for the future of business. There's an abundance of "free" content and best practice frameworks online but how will organizations know which are most relevant for their needs?

I believe we will need a "speed networking" interface/platform to allow different people to explore opportunities and learn from others to surface potential solutions for our new normal. The interface has to be flexible enough for both sides to find each other and also allow for some serendipity; for example a CPG company will likely need technology to address virtual retail consumer needs but they may also find interesting ideas from interacting with an energy company or food start-up.

A few open questions for collaboration: How can we design an efficient platform for this? What are the ideal features and elements? What business model will be most effective for all stakeholders? How will we measure success? How might a reputation score be calculated and work as a motivator within the community? What are the guidelines for optimal experiences (i.e. profiles should include micro learning needs and/or insights to easily identify areas of interest)? My goal here is to help all types of businesses learn quickly and collaboratively to explore, identify and apply new practices and ideas to operate in our post-COVID-19 environment.

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