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COVID-19, Pandemics & Grey Swans (Part III)

How do we navigate the turbulent reality of this world we live in? It helps to have some guiding principles with which to view life.

Often learned in our upbringing, with the support of our mentors, our families, and communities, and through our life experience, these guideposts help us move through life’s many challenging ups and downs, strengthening our capacity to stay creative and persevere.

I Re-align Again, and Again, with Possibility.

As an operational designer, global transformation project manager and impact entrepreneur, these ideas are part of what forms the lens through which I look at my work. Foundational constructs of the operating system through which I approach life as a creative crisis manager that are particularly useful in the “Age of Grey Swans and COVID Pandemics.”

Concepts for Possibility.

The only thing I know for sure, is that there is absolutely nothing that is absolutely known for sure.

As far as I know and can tell, this world may all be a construct of imagination.

What has the potential to be understood is infinite. Humanity has barely scratched the surface of all that can be known.

Energy, never created or destroyed, just morphs and changes into different forms and states, as a defined undefined infinite whole, that everything is part of.

Human beings are biologically predisposed to operate in support of life, survival, and positive sensory feedback.

We are complex beings making the most of our opportunities and our life’s context.

The same principles we apply to our lives, can also be applied to our work, our companies and our projects as we consider our next steps, starting with answering the following questions:

Considering Next Steps.

What is the point now that we know all that we know (and don’t know)?