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COVID-19, Pandemics & Grey Swans (Part II)

In my life I’ve come to realize, as many do at some point along the way, that my capacity, my will power, my life, is fleeting in the context of time and space.

There is a point as we mature, and come to observe our activities in the momentum of life’s natural unfolding, when we recognize that the best we can do with the power and influence we have, is ride life out, like a continuous wave from birth through existence….

A Point of View. Implications of Perspective.

We are each such unique beings with a whole life context, set of experiences, and relationships that enables us to see and contribute in a way that is different from anybody else.

Together we form and shape our world, each operating from our own unique perspective in our own sphere of influence.

Predisposed “meaning making machines,” me might see ourselves as giant sponges sucking up information and experience (multi-sensory information), learning, sharing, and evolving.

A pandemic has come along and changed almost everything about our lives. Something so crucial, like the safety of the air that we breathe, we now see has been taken for granted.

Our capacity to convert information into knowledge, and to leverage the learnings of others into a next level of understanding is what we call progress. The multiplier effect of human interaction makes the opportunity for learning and growth exponential.

There is tremendous opportunity in retaining and applying knowledge and information.

Today I write from my point of view, professionally, personally and spiritually, as a: Turn Around Project Manager, former Big 6 Corporate Transformation Principal, Advisor and Executive for Hire for Start Ups and Projects, Global Systems & Operations Designer, Apparel Industry Product and Customer Process and Data Integration Specialist, and Impact Entrepreneur; Mother, Community Member, Extreme Sports Enthusiast, Multi-cultural/Multi-ethnic, Somatic Practitioner, and Cancer Survivor.

Recognizing the limitations of my own perspective, knowledge, and understanding, I invite others to help vet my ideas, validating with additional information or perspective, or presenting additional ways of thinking that might enhance and expand my point of view.

It is time to open a meaningful discussion, offer relevance and value by sharing our specific points of view. This is after all the major “work” of each of us in our life.

But where do we start?

COVID-19 has offered many of us an opportunity to journey back to our ground zero, slowing down and speeding up, to contemplate our basic needs, our highest aspirations, and what’s most important; offering us a dramatic catalyst and with it the potential to leapfrog to a whole new realm of possibility.

Photo by Hernan Pauccara from Pexels

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