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COVID-19, Pandemics & Grey Swans (Part I)

December 22, 2020. It is just over 10 months now since schools in the San Francisco Bay Area were first shut down, and residents were asked to “shelter in place”.

When COVID-19 became Pandemic, the first association that came to mind was our environmental context. Increasing global population, overuse of natural resources, and unconscious destructive behaviors have clearly been taking a toll.

In December 2019, a year ago, as we entered a new decade, articles highlighted the massive gap in global plans to curb carbon emissions. We are far off the mark from where we need to be, to avoid global temperature rise and the impacts that will have on the Earth’s natural life-supporting ecosystems.

Increase in infectious diseases has consistently been reported as a top 10 impact of global climate change. It’s increasingly harder to dismiss everyday impacts as well.

As we are forced to take note and draw relationships, we may see ourselves as frogs in a proverbial pot that we ourselves are heating up, slowly boiling over with ourselves in it.

Crisis As Opportunity for Transformative Change.

The second association that’s come to mind in contemplating the COVID-19 Pandemic, is the opportunity presented by crisis. The world’s albeit varied and chaotic response, has also provided new exciting glimmers of hope.

As a corporate transformation consultant, I’ve studied and worked with the challenging process of getting large groups of people globally to reorient their working approaches and behaviors, for the profitability of their companies and the benefits provided to customers and shareholders.

It doesn’t take much more than logic and a little life experience, to see that