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A new foundation for learning

By Anja Thyssen

The worldwide shut-down has forced people to work and learn from home. Leaders and teachers have been given/forced into a new foundation – a new opportunity and new requirements of trust. Individuals are left with both more freedom and responsibility to organize their work and learning. We all have to re-learn how to learn.

This lockdown has been an eye-opener in many ways when it comes to interaction with the outside world. Overnight, people found themselves in a completely new setting. A setting of limited freedom to move around physically, however a new and extended freedom (and obligation) to explore virtual interaction and learning.

New creative solutions and possibilities arose, such as virtual concerts, interviews, teaching lectures, workshops and meet-ups. Solutions that have been possible for years waiting for the world to mature. Let this be a permanent next level platform for us to learn how to learn and relate in a new way. It offers endless perspectives and opportunities to explore, both today during the current crisis as well as tomorrow, as we approach the other side of COVID-19.

Let us all—leaders, employees and students—seek new knowledge and ways of learning. Let’s join communities across schools, companies and even borders. How can we all learn to learn in new ways and in a joint manner take our own life-long learning and development into a new era?

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