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1,000 Day Radar Pull of the Future - FORCES

Massive Drivers, Critical Factors, Major Confluences, Significant Consequences, Structural Changes.

"Convergence is not just a technological trend, but a cultural one, where digital, mobile, and physical spheres blend." - David Rose

"Future Forces" relate to the influence, anticipation, understanding, and preparation for combined shifts, fused developments and the confluence of pressures that may shape the world in the years to come.

Future Forces are critical for businesses, governments, organizations, and individuals who seek to navigate the uncertainties of the future effectively. Unlike trend scouting, "Future Forces" navigate the combination of various factors and dynamics that have the potential to significantly influence the world's trajectory in the future.

Facets of Future Forces:

Future Forces can be a blend of social, technological, economic, environmental, political, or cultural influences in nature. Examples of Future Forces include:

  • Technological Advancements: developments in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, renewable energy, automation, and other technological fields can reshape industries, economies, and societies.

  • Climate Change and Environmental Shifts: the consequences of climate change, such as rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and resource scarcity, can have profound impacts on global systems.

  • Demographic Changes: shifting population demographics, including aging populations and changing birth rates, can influence labor markets, consumer behavior, and healthcare systems.

  • Geopolitical Shifts: changes in global power dynamics, international relations, and geopolitical conflicts can reshape alliances, trade patterns, and regional stability.

  • Cultural and Social Transformations: evolving social norms, values, and cultural attitudes can drive changes in consumer preferences, social interactions, and political movements.

Principles of Future Forces:

- full-spectrum thinking that adapts to volatile, quick-shifting worlds that views issues across spectrums not within categories

- sifting through the complex interactions and collisions of different major influences - some symbiotic, some conflicting

- synthesis of the intersection of key future developments and evaluating determined impacts on each other

- macro level views and establishment of the "headlines of the future" with associated implications for the now

- profound understanding of the systems and complexities of future environments and being able to communicate and visualize the "forest through the the future trees"

Future Forces Methods and Approaches (among many):

Factor Analysis - reduces the number of variables by clustering them into small sets of relatable groups or key factors.

Driver Mapping - clusters related inputs and key trends that support probable future directions.

Cross-impact Analysis - establishes links between events and shows the interactions, probabilities and impact of essential factors.

Future Landscapes - panoramic graphical guides to the categories, key forces and integral elements swaying future developments.

Futures Triangle - allocates importance to three key vectors of forces – the weight of the past, the push of the present and the pull of the future.

Future Forces Visualized:

Climate Change Future Forces mapping - Emily C. Nabong, Lauren Hocking, Aaron Opdyke, Jeffrey P. Walters

Source: Global Food System Foresight (Rand)

Source: Global Sustainable Business - Institute for the Future

In summary, understanding Future Forces through the practice of foresight is essential for navigating the complexities of an uncertain future, making informed decisions, and positioning oneself or one's organization for success.

The Event:

Join us as we celebrate six types of near and mid-term futures with our 1,000 Day radar event spread across four days in September.

Grey Swan Guild — Making Sense of the World and Next Grey Swans

We are the Guild whose mission it is to make sense of the world and next Grey Swans (wild cards, scenarios, early signals).

How we do is guided by our four values of: aspiration, collaboration, curiosity and purpose.

We do this through six facets of our world-leading Guild experience:

  • Intelligence and Foresight

  • Content and Publications

  • Events and Experiences

  • Training and Learning

  • Global Community and Network

  • Experiments and Ventures

In 2023, we don’t just want to think about the unimaginable but we want to make the unimaginable happen.

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