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The 20 Reasons Why Futures & Foresights Matters

Definition of Futures

Definition of Foresights

Twenty Reasons Why Futures & Foresights Matter::

#1. Stay Ahead of A Precarious Accelerated World

#2 Avoid Being Blindsided by Chaotic, Uncertain Shifts

#3. Detect, Monitor & React to Looming Grey Swans

#4. Benefit & Take Advantage of Knowledge Arbitrage

#5. Master the Complexity of Issues

#6. Deal with Trajectories of No Straight Lines and Lack of Predictability

#7. Navigate the Multiple Avenues of Emerging Technology

#8. Provide Personal Value and Hope

#9. Overcome the Near Term Focus of Organizations

#10. Take Agency and Domain over your Future

#11. Holding a Perpetual Focus — Always a Moving Target

#12 Leverage a Human Instinct — The Ability To Explore and Ask What If

#13. Envision Plausible & Preferred Mindsets that Allow for Innovation