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DAY OF THE SWAN – 24 Hours of Sensemaking

13 April 2021

GLOBAL — Grey Swan Guild, a global Sensemaking collective of more than 1,000 Members from over 65 countries, is now welcoming future Members to participate in its Day of the Swan experience, the community’s event series to mark its first anniversary. Grey Swan Guild’s series of hourly events showcase the diversity of its Membership, subjects and formats emerging through its inclusive experimentation around continuous Sensemaking collaborations, publications, productions, and progress toward change through challenges.


“We’ve built this wonderful global community and a compelling set of capabilities in under a year as the Grey Swan Guild. The future is still unfolding. On April 15th we mark the one year anniversary of the guild as an important touchstone, Similar to the pandemic world, we are in our own liminal period of “not what we were” and “not what we will be”. Our Day of the Swan event supports our continuing mission of making sense of the world and having our members doing interesting things with interesting people in interesting ways. We have an exciting path forward to fast-approaching futures - let’s explore them together. Enjoy our shared experience April 15th & 16th, see you then.” – Sean Moffitt, Co-Founder and Board Member.

Grey Swan Guild is most easily understood as a Think Tank, built by and for its league of brilliant and committed Members representing subject matter expertise and creativity across most professional domains. Futurists abound, as do technology/digital and organizational transformation experts and both established, well-known voices and the highest-potential emerging leaders in business, science, art and medicine. Grey Swan Guild differentiates itself from other organizations by creating an engaged community to teach and to learn together, providing a platform to both grow and to show impactful insight to leaders and readers around the world. As a community platform, Grey Swan Guild is unified through its diversity by rallying around the pursuit of new knowledge and insights around “Grey Swans” – those disruptive events, trends and signals that both create great societal, cultural, economic, workplace, marketplace, and other challenges to resolve and are the catalysts for change. We seek to shape change for better.

DAY OF THE SWAN: 24+ hours of Celebrating the Art and Science of Sensemaking

“All our hourly events will be led by and feature experts, authors, futurists, and artists who lead and/or disrupt their fields and areas of focus during these Member-generated sessions. Come to learn in and to interact with our Community. Reach beyond the known. Embrace a group of brilliant minds focused on co-making the unknown increasingly knowable.” – Lindsay Fraser, Lead Producer, DAY OF THE SWAN

Video-based programming on the ZOOM platform will run for 24 hours from 7:00 EST Thursday, April 15 2021 through 7:00 EST Friday, April 16, 2021 – followed immediately by a one-hour celebration of our Members and guests for engaging in the experiment of this anniversary experience and a renewed view of how the rapidly growing, collectively built, community-driven organization will tackle the ongoing, forthcoming, and still unanticipated challenges coming at the world in our second year and far beyond.

Registration for ZOOM events is streamlined to allow single registration for all sessions, with a common ZOOM link used throughout the full event for member experience and ease of joining multiple sessions.

There are also several events on the audio-only platform, Clubhouse. Those using an Apple iOS-based device (iPhone, iPad) will be able to participate in the Clubhouse sessions by joining the Grey Swan Guild’s channel on Clubhouse.

ZOOM Sessions include:

  • Sensemakers In Action – Global Perspectives

  • Artificial Intelligence – Exploring 3 Key Scenarios (en Espagnol)

  • The Future of Work (impacts of tech, innovation and cross-industry insights)

  • The Death of National Income Taxes?

  • Artificial Intelligence – The End of Work?

  • Foresight of Future Grey Swans – What will 2021 bring?

  • Launching a Virtual Journal (experiential time capsule)

  • Emergency Room Doctor tells her story of the pandemic of 2020 from the front lines

  • Doing Justice – Legal Innovations empowering better access to justice

  • What it means to be a Catalyst & managing the burnout cycle

  • The importance of making memories while Sensemaking

  • Sustainability in the Future of Work through Diversity & Inclusion

  • Sensemaking Karaoke – Speakers and Comedians make sense of slides in the moment

  • Lessons from the pandemic: What have we learned, and how will learnings last?

  • Late Night Sensemaking – exploring the liminal space

  • Modes, Models & Moments of Adaptable Business

  • ZOOM Cocktail Hour hosted by expert mixologists


Clubhouse discussions include:

  • Voice of the Customer Experience – Sharing and making sense of the worst and best in CX

  • Sensemaking Stories - How do we use stories to make sense of the world?

  • Point/Counterpoint on culture, economy, future of work, technology, cities and entertainment


Event details and links to join can be found at


Find us on: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium and Twitter.


About The Grey Swan Guild

Founded in April 2020, the Grey Swan Guild is a global network of more than 1000 members in 65 countries with a common desire to "make sense of the world's biggest challenges". We came together in response to the first shocks felt during the COVID-19 pandemic, to makes sense of particular societal, cultural, economic, marketplace and workplace challenges for business leaders, policy makers, educators and curious others.

About Day of the Swan

The Day of the Swan is a celebration of the Grey Swan Guild’s one year anniversary. It entails a series of 1-hr events developed and hosted by our members over a 24-hour period. ​With a focus on sensemaking, learning and networking, the events will be conducted as panel discussions and/or interactive workshops via audio, video and chat using the Zoom and Clubhouse platforms.


Events are FREE and EVERYONE is welcome.


For more information please contact:

Sean Moffitt

Andrea Kates

Rob Tyrie

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