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“Noticing the Absence of and the Presence of…”

…Observations and provocations, in the liminal space between the before and after

Have you noticed what is really missing for you or something that has been brought into sharper focus, in this time of transition?

This is not the exception, it is simply the latest state in a shifting system.

Things will never be the same again.

Yesterday is different from today, tomorrow will be different again. We adapt all the time.

It’s only that more pieces have been moving a little more rapidly and randomly.

What have you noticed and what has been absent?

When you embark on getting a perspective for next year, where will you invest your attention and energy?

Not spend. Invest.

A few thoughts that have come up for me….


Where has the space gone?

We are spending more time on meetings and calls.

Where is the space in between?

The space to chat, to hear what you did last night, to build community cohesion.

To breathe or get into something in some detail.

Some of the best encounters I’ve had this year, have been when there has been space for people to be quiet, to think between responses and allow unhurried conversations.

Space allows our creative unconscious to make connections, to build.

Rather than a reflex response and getting in your point, before the hour is up.