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Pandemic Thoughts, History Rhymes, Rapping Hip Hop in Covid Times

Have you caught it yet?

The first wave or second, does it matter

If you catch it?

Can you really catch it? It's not as if you are

Chasing it at some virus party?

Is the virus chasing you? Do you feel it in your lungs? So then, isn't Covid catching you? If you think of it. It is coming for you?

Or, is it the other way around?

Who thinks about that? Who doesn't?

Don't we all?

Doctors, lawyers, politicians and beauticians

ENT specialists, physicists, epidemiologists

fans and rooters, protesters,

looters, shooters and polluters,

moms and dads, kids, lads and cads

teachers, and preachers, speechers,

anti-racists, anti maskers, hesitant vaxxers,

oldsters, elders, zoomers, and boomers,

entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, provocateurs,

vegetarians, antiquarians, climate changers,

fish mongers and fear mongers,

postmen, mailwomen, greengrocers, and BBQers.

They must think they all matter in their own way?