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Hindsight & Retrospection - Grey Swan Guild Craft Building Series #41

Looking Back Before Stepping Forward — A Curation, An Event and A Wisdom Summary

“Hindsight is a great teacher, but it is also an unforgiving reminder of what could have or what might have been.” — Don Paul Aprile

We conducted an expert panel on the oftentimes weaker but no less potent sister of insight and foresight — hindsight. As much as many of us believe our world is riddled with unexplainable anomalies, notorious exceptions or significantly different futures, the truth is we know there is much that can be learned from our pasts to understand more deeply our now, project forward to a better future and take the moral high ground of humanity’s progress.

- Our Discussion:

-Glossary & Definitions:

- Pattern Recognition and Detection

- Hindsight Bias

- Hindsight & Retrospection Poll

- What Can We Learn From Hindsight:

- The Benefit of Hindsight — Missed Turning Points :

- Revisionist History

- How to Get Better at Hindsight & Retrospection

- Resources — Hindsight & Retrospection

- Kindsight

- Being Ahead of Your Time?:

- The Four Turnings — A Cycle of Hindsight:

- If I Knew Then What I Know Now…

- Multiple Pasts


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