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The 2022/23 Craft Building Series

Grey Swan Guild introduces a full year of honing your minds, skills & talents.

Chasing and pursuing your craft as a thinker, doer, builder, leader, maker or expert is an extraordinary noble endeavor. Our guild is populated by members who realize learning has no finish line. The fast twitch world we live in demands continuous learning, relearning and sometimes, unlearning. Audaces et sapientes fortuna iuvat — “fortune favours the bold and wise”.

In the spirit of the post-modern version of a guild,

  • we are trading in our stone masons’ chisels for futures thinking approaches

  • we are exchanging the cobblers’ awls for surfacing new intelligence

  • we are swapping the barbers’ scissors for sensemaking paradigms

  • we are replacing the surgeon’s bone saw for thinking pedagogies

  • we are eschewing the tailor’s shears for historical reinterpretations

  • we are substituting the poet’s quill for the change agent’s alchemy

  • we are transferring the glassmakers’ blowpipe for the innovators’ savvy

  • we are shifting from a shipwright’s plane to a scientists’ ‘scopes

  • we.are interchanging the weavers’ loom for a venturists’ impact levers

  • we are bartering the merchants’ spices for the technologists’ code

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