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RESILIENCE – Trigger to Triumph, It’s all in the Breath

PART I – Significance of the Sigh

In the memorable words of my Yogi, “Sigh it out … Ahhhaaaa!”

A deep and cleansing breath brings many health benefits namely, a life worth living.

How does this work? It provides oxygen-rich blood to all the important parts of the body, specifically the cerebral and cerebella cortex1. The predominately grey matter of the brain responsible for control and information processing – aka critical thought.

I guess that’s why the perfecting of one’s breath, is triggered early in life by a swift spank on the tuchus by a well-intentioned doctor, the gift for this most embarrassing moment … life.

It’s curious that without this cue or triggering event the outcome could be grim: cognitive impairment, stunted growth or even death.

Now that we understand the power of breath, I would like you to accompany me on a journey of two life events that sculpted my resiliency muscle, one vicarious, yet remarkable and the other a catalyst for my transformation from a survivor to thriver.

PART II – Escape from HELL

Have you ever known someone who has died and gone to HELL? Well, if you don’t, you do now! Actually, I have been to hell, heaven, and purgatory all without leaving the comfort of my home, bed or even boarding a plane. How, you ask? All the destinations were that of the mind or the grey, for that matter.

Yes, I have escaped the clutches of H-E-L-L. I know, I know, no one has ever heard of this ominous place having a back door or safety hatch that one could make a great escape, but I assure you it exists. Its just that very few live to tell the tale.

To understand how one comes back from the dark side is to first establish a common understanding of the word “resiliency.”