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Grey Swan Guild returns for WAVE II with a new theme:

Catching Our Collective Breath

The past year has presented us all with reasons to evaluate what matters most to each of us. As we catch our collective breath and live our lives in the space between two worlds, we seek vision and new purpose. We know we will need to transform ourselves as we navigate a world in transition. We think about what our own future will be, how we must change, how we can emerge with greater resilience.


Raise your hand. Raise your voice. Share your own Point-Of-View.

How do we experience the ambiguity and disorientation as we move between the old and the new?  How do we mediate the tension of the opposites, between how things were and how they’re becoming? What symbols, imagery, fantasies, and shadows arise from our unconscious, to inform us and to guide us through this liminal space between two worlds?

With the forms below, you may submit your POV essay or a poem, creative nonfiction, future fiction, dream interpretation, or other prose, artwork, photo, video or image.

This is your opportunity to be recognized as a thought leader around the world. Grey Swan Guild is your portal to a diverse world of brilliant people and brilliant ideas. It is your platform and community to share your insights about our collective futures. We invite your content submissions for our current Sensemaking cycle and to be considered for inclusion in upcoming publications and productions into early 2021.

Thank you for your contributions and for your participation in our global community.

Submit your standalone essay here (500 to 1,500 words) 

Submit your Creative or Liminal Interpretations and multimedia

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