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The unbearable fragility of being

By Angélica Arana

Suddenly we realized how fragile and vulnerable we are, that work and life can be gone in a moment. And it is just this vulnerability that makes us strong, resilient, supportive. The confinement to which we have been subjected with the COVID-19 has allowed us to return to a simpler life. We have learned to collaborate at a distance, to live just with what is necessary, not to buy what we do not need. This isolation has made us miss the closeness and contact of our loved ones, our friends and even our coworkers. We want more of that, because today we no longer have it, and for the first time it is not our decision not to have it.

I believe that, when we get out of this, when we meet those who are far away, we will seek to strengthen our emotional ties, be more empathetic, and more committed. So, don't save that bottle of wine for a special moment, that special moment is now. This crisis has knocked down borders. All humanity shares the same circumstances, and that has made us come together from different latitudes to find a new path.

Personally, in recent months I have had the fortune to participate in different hackathons that call for solutions to the challenges posed by the pandemic. I have seen teams from different countries form to find ways to help the health sector, to propose public policy initiatives and citizen participation, to seek solutions that minimize the economic impact of the most affected sectors, and offer resources to address lack of access to the education of millions of children and young people who stopped attending school. The challenge is undoubtedly great, however, our will is greater, and despite the barriers, there are many of us who want to help.

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