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COVID-19 is nothing but a rehearsal

By Ariana Gomez

We must either act now to stop global warming or prepare for the worst possible scenarios. The ugly side of politics and the media, including ignorant celebrities and influencers, has been stripped bare by the COVID-19. Our own ugly side as humans has been stripped bare as well.

Instead of taking the time to reflect and question ourselves in what we have done wrong and how we can redesign and build a better world, we have been slowly pushed into a race of scenario, projection and diagnosis reading. Webinar after webinar, we believe we are going to find the key to reactivate the economy as it was, to get things back to “normal.” Ignorance and poverty are growing at all levels, and the one solution that can truly change the game has been put back into a politically expedient drawer by politicians and mainstream media.

Unless we address our relationship with Nature and align our economic and production ethos to it, we are going to experience much worse, deeper and fatal catastrophes very soon.

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