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In many ways, I’m an everywoman. But in others, I’m the 1%.

I checked my privilege long ago and now I’m just mad.

But I can’t be mad because, Karen. So that just makes me even more angry.

In my anger, I’m writing to make some sense out of this new world. To catch my breath. Because there are things that matter to me and current issues that are worth addressing.

If we want to find new ways to lead.

If we want to create a new future.

Because there are limits to leadership as we have known it.

And we know it.

Because there are limits to income and wealth creation as we have known it.

And we know it.

Now, on catching my breath.

Was it (really?) only a year and a bit ago that Collision tech conference brought in 25,711 attendees to Toronto, from 125 countries, with 45.7% of those Collision tech attendees being female.

Almost parity. Unheard of in my beloved industry. But it was. That was May 2019. That was not just a figment of your imagination. It happened:

But then COVID. And the ‘she-cession’: and a beacon of light, Move the Dial, headed up by Jodi Kovitz had to pause operations:

The irony of all this was not lost on us, 2020.

There are known disconnects for leadership, income and wealth creation that will not be built back better post-pandemic unless we address some of the root problems at play. This image says so much. It’s not a level playing field for women who want to advance their careers. Our lane is typically all cluttered up: