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GSG Onboarding - Regatta Session

We love welcoming our new members into our regatta of Grey Swans...
In this quick-fire session, we'll provide you a forum to:
- meet some of the founders and stewards (the servant Swans)
- commune with some of the new members just joining (the regatta)
- provide you a glimpse of our origins (the past)
- inform you what we are today (our current position)
- tell you where we are going (the future)
- share our vision and dreams (aspiration)
- embrace getting you involved (call to action).
- answer any questions you have (hotline)
- illustrate the road ahead (next steps)

Note: a regatta of swans is akin to a gaggle of geese, murder of crows, cast of hawks and a charm of goldfinches. We meet as a regatta the 2nd Wednesday out of every month.

GSG Onboarding - Regatta Session
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